Big lips? Lip plumper

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sexy mother pucker lip plumper

In my defense and you all can ask my mom. I've always loved this made up big lips, Angelina Jolie type and those like you know they've been done. Luckily I do have nice sized lips and pretty ones, I like them to be honest. But sometimes I daydream of having this huge made up lips like Kylie Jenner does. Honestly I would do it, but what if something goes wrong and I loose my nice lips and then I don't have the lips I want? Thanks to that I stumble across this lip plumper by soap and glory. And here is what I have to tell you.

Decorating a small apartment

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white bedroom

Have you ever been so happy that you don't remember to do stuff or you are just so immerse into your own world having the time of your life? Well... that happened to me this month and its been these past few months. With my new job and this new life I am experimenting I am so happy that I don't like being in the computer for too long. But today I have something special and fun to share with you guys!