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white bedroom

Have you ever been so happy that you don't remember to do stuff or you are just so immerse into your own world having the time of your life? Well... that happened to me this month and its been these past few months. With my new job and this new life I am experimenting I am so happy that I don't like being in the computer for too long. But today I have something special and fun to share with you guys!

Decorating a small apartment! 

Lately I've been obsessed with decor and interior design, you know, coming from a very creative background and I actually studied fashion design is hard not to be creative or artist-like. So I am going to give you some tips on how to decorate a small studio apartment .. or any small apartment really. 
That comes with great news as well ... I am having my own apartment next year and you all know what does that mean! First, apartments in NYC are not big at all, so I have to make magic into this studio apartment that I have envisioned. So a lot of decor inspiration will be on my blog, instagram and tumblr of course .. oh well and pinterest (but that's kind of obvious right?) Here we go! 

  1. Don't use too many small things: I've learnt that the smaller the things the smaller you will make your apartment look, so choose for a bigger scale (but not too big!) 
  2. Control colors:  I am in love with white so obviously I want everything like that, my pops of color will be the accessories (coffee table books, some jewelry displayed and who knows what else!)
  3. Play with dimension: There's nothing worse than having everything the same height. Choose for taller lamps so you can create a look of higher ceilings. Also, add a mirror to open up the rooms (beside from your selfies, this will help you a lot in your overall decor!)