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I live in NYC and sometimes I get so into my job, and don't get me wrong I love what I do, but sometimes it is hard for me to disconnect and actually enjoy the amazing city I live in. So I'm using this as my personal board saying 'Go out and do stuff' but I also want to make this as a little reminder of what you can do where you live in and enjoy your city.

  1. Decor stores: I adore Decor, probably that's why I love being an agent so much, because to see a potential project and how to decorate it brings me joy! I am planning of going to more decor stores now that I am close to getting a new apartment. 
  2. Museums: To be honest, this doesn't apply to all cities, mainly because or at least for me, if it doesn't have a great artist like Picasso or Da Vinci is not worth it. I mean it is in terms of architecture and sometimes up and coming artists are cool. But back in Chile we had 2 museums that had nothing interesting so .. I don't know how it can be applied to some cities! I am dying to go to the Guggenheim museum in NYC (I've been saying that for a year now, but I promised myself of going!) 
  3. Stationary shops: This is for sure something that I love and I don't do often, maybe because if I see stationary things that I love I just have to get them and I end up broke lol. 
  4. Art Shops/Galleries: There's nothing nicer than the smell of new art brushes or paper (I know I'm a weirdo!) But going to art shops is sometimes fun, plus you can discover new techniques you never heard of. Or you can go Gallery hopping like we do in NYC (Yeah right I've never done it lol) but I'm going to, this summer! 
  5. Local businesses: Support local businesses, sometimes they are expensive as hell but it is nice dedicated work. Or even just being at their store brings people to them and someone may actually buy something! You know like money attracts money so people attracts people (?)
  6. Cafés: We all love a good Starbucks but sometimes we have to switch it up! Go to a tiny cafe in your neighborhood and do some people watching! 
  7. City Monuments: There's a lot in NYC and even more in Europe, and they are always in cool neighborhoods so take advantage of them and go take a look! 
  8. Parks:  I love Central Park on a Saturday hanging out, bring a towel and soak some Vitamin D. Enjoy the outdoors people! 
  9. Transportation: Ok, this one doesn't apply to all the cities as well. Here in NYC we have taxis, buses, subway, the Roosevelt tramway, ferries, bikes, scooters (OMG I NEED A VESPA!!!!), cars, sports cars, luxury cars, every car and god knows what else. So if you live in a city where there's a lot of form of transportation. Take it. Why not? sometimes sitting in the subway when it is empty and there's AC is actually nice. 
  10. Boutiques: How could I not mention clothes or make up? I honestly stopped buying at F21 and H&M (Now I only do ASOS lol) but I've encountered myself with cute little boutiques that have unique pieces!