Thursday Thoughts

A few of my favorite quotes. My tumblr is full of them, but really take them in and live by them!!! 

The new Decor

Since I moved to a new apartment I've been obsessed with decor. Literally obsessed. I have so much fun going to Decor stores, even antiques store (which I used to hate) and I want to bring home everything. 
To be quite true and critic of myself I am not sure what kind of style I have when it comes to decorate. I've been through weird phases like the time I painted my bedroom wall yellow/orange-ish which looked cool and then I wanted to add some Bollywood style with fabrics hanging from the ceiling and walls, basically my room looked like a fucking gypsy tent, which was fun at the time and now that I remember that I wonder how did my mom allow that? I guess that is the beauty of experimenting. 
Right now I would say I am way more into whites and clean lines! In my room I have this black dresser that drives me insane every time I look at it because I just want to paint it white. Also, I should post about my mini DIY nigh stand which turn out to be one of my most priced posesions now. 

Number 1 tip.  Definitely all decorative objects should work also as storage, specially if you live in NYC! 

Watercolor vibes

Lately I've been into exploring more of what I like and new things I want to try. Since I moved to NYC I always say that every time I get out of my comfort zone I have a good time and it gets boring when I don't.
That's why the other day I was thinking of going for watercolors so I could finally make my painting dreams a reality! I've always been super impatient and to be honest I just want to paint these beautiful sceneries in a split second but this time I am reminding myself to be patient and just take it slow, that's why some of my paintings are shit, but some like this abstract one are cool. 

I also realized I go a lot for blue hues since it reminds me of the water, which funny enough, I was never a big fan of. But now I am eyeing some photos to hang on my room with cool waves and beaches. I hope this helps you to experiment more! 



My stay in Chile

I made peace with my country.
Yes, if you know me it might sound like I just gone crazy but no. This time I enjoyed being home so much and I loved my country how I am supposed to (Don't get me wrong, I'm def staying in the US) but now I do look forward to unwind in Chile and visit family. And even if I don't have friends there or I don't have anything to do, is exciting. It is like driving for the first time, visiting my aunt's house up in the mountains for the first time everything feels new and refreshing, because it is true, you definitely need a break from NYC sometimes.

First day of the year me and my mom decided to go to the casino! And it was so nice to drive on empty highways and play in noisy colorful machines!

We went to the pool with my cousin's kids and we had a blast! All day at the pool is definitely my definition of summer! 

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My aunt's house up in the mountains is out of a story book! It is truly magical! 

Let's take a moment for my awesome nails I had in January and the perfect xmas gift! Thank you mom!!! 

My awesome nails, great snapchat filter and pool days! 

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Birthday celebrations at the terrace of the Cumbres Hotel in Santiago! Thank you daddy! 

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Finally some much needed beach time! 

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Goodbye lunch, heartbreaking.

The perfect leopard coat.

It has been forever since I wanted to own a leopard faux fur coat that didn't look tacky, that made me look like that mischievous french that smokes in PE class behind a tree! And I have to say I finally found it! I bought it last year on ASOS and they for sure have the best options on the market! It gives me that Je ne sais quoi I was aiming for and it actually looks like it might be real but no animal was harmed in the process. 

I love to dress it up or down, it is so versatile! It works absolutely perfect with a pair of adidas sneakers or with an all black outfit ready to hit the town! (specially in NYC!) And I have to say it definitely keeps you warm! It has that très chic factor I love and it gives me the comfort I always wish I had, because honestly not even sneakers are comfortable for me, I guess I was meant to be Cinderella, if that makes any sense. 
Anyways below you can find similar options. Oh, and little snaps from my new work neighborhood... who would have thought I was going to end up working near my favorite building in the city. 


I cannot begin to tell you how bless I feel to live in a city that holds one of my favorite museums of all time. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Ugh, it is seriously stunning and every time I have a chance I go there, maybe I see everything again and again, but really this museum is a must when visiting NYC. One of my favorites is the renaissance paintings aisle or salon, because it reminds me of the Louvre, which I definitely need to go back since when I went to Paris we literally saw the Mona Lisa and the Venus, so it is def a must when I go to Paris again this year.

But Renaissance painting is something that makes me wonder for hours. I don't know if it happens to you or not but every time I see a painting I stare at it thinking what they were thinking at that exact time, what was the artist listening, what were the "models" thinking, what was the context of the painting and what was going on in their surroundings. 
To be honest I am not sure if I know how to read art or if  you are supposed to "read" it, but I love just seeing every little corner of the painting imagining or just paying attention to the strokes of the brush, the color combination and the whole story in just one piece of canvas. 

I went to see the Michelangelo exhibit at the MET in November-ish and it was fabulous although I am not too much of a drawing person I rather like paintings but some sculptures really caught my attention like the one below. 
I went back last Sunday to see what I love the most which was the renaissance paintings and also had the chance to eat my first ever giant pretzel and it didn't disappoint! 

Volez, Voguez, Voyage LV

2 Months later and Im just posting about the Louis Vuitton Exhibition in NYC . I don't really know where to start, is not that I have wonderful writing skills but I'll do my best here. 
The Exhibit was around WTC and it was a very cold evening when I went with my best friend, the moment we got out it was actually snowing! It was wonderful after everything we saw inside, the whole day felt like a movie. 

The Exhibit in itself was about traveling, all the LV trunks and tags over the years and it gave us a look into what was Louis Vuitton when he first started this classic luxury brand. As you know I am a sucker for stationary so for me to see all the stamps and tags and little post cards was actually even better than the trunks itself. You could see they put thought into every single little detail. 
I don't know if this happens to you or not, but every time I go to these things and they are about hundred years ago they make me a little melancholic, and sometimes I truly wish I was born in that era to have seen everything with my own eyes and experiment it all. 

Overall the exhibition was very interesting, and with a fashion designer perspective I have to say, every detail in those rooms was strategically thought. Everything looked stunning and it was a pleasure to go.

Snow days

I was thinking the other day how depressing is winter in New York and that made me realize I might not want to live here for the winter and then Sweden came up in my thoughts and I was like 'I would be so depressed there because its practically winter 80% of the year', but reality is, I do love snow and it makes me so happy that I could go live somewhere that snows every day for sure. 

That's why every time is snowing in New York I grab my coat and boots and take a stroll around the city and one of my favorite ones is around Brookfield place, of course I love shopping malls, but being near the water, watching the boats come and go remind me the awesome times I had when I was a kid and we would go on my dad's boat every summer. 
If you ask me, New York in the summer and snowing is my perfect combination! 

Deadly combination

I've never been a fan of red. Never.  But when I saw this Tommy Hilfiger bag back in Chile I absolutely needed to get it, I did ask for a blue one but they didn't have it, so this baby girl went back home with me. As far as the shoes, I've always, always, wanted leopard booties but never seemed to find exactly what I was looking for, I wanted them to be like mohair or something similar but the strands not to be too long and overall it was a hustle to find the perfect pair. But I saw these booties on ASOS and I needed to get them, and yes I needed them. 

See similar items below! 

Ludovico Einaudi ' Something to remember '

In 2016 Ludovico Einaudi was coming to New York at the NYU Theater or something like that, at the time I really wanted to go but I wasn't sure if I was going to be capable of going by myself and spending like $80. Then when the day approached I was so bummed I didn't buy tickets to go because he is definitely one of my favorite pianists of all times. 
And when I saw he was coming again on 2017 in October I bought the ticket in April or May and was determined to go see him at Beacon Theater. 

Of course the experience didn't disappoint, is not the first time I go to a theater but definitely it was the first time I went to such a beautiful one. We had to wait aprox. 40 min or even an hour, really, it didn't matter because I was doing 2 amazing things that night. Accomplishing my dream of seeing him live and listening to his great music and conquering my fear of going to the theater on my own. Everyone was dressed slightly formal and it reminded me of the years my grandmother used to go to the theater. 

D&G small leather goods

Dolce & Gabbana, those 2 little sweet words. One of my favorite designer brands not only because they are italian and we all should know by now that I have Italian heritage (everyone in my family is italian!) but because I love the baroque style they always have.