A vespa in TriBeCa

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Summer is finally approaching! Not that the warm weather is starting to be noticeable but the sun is coming out more and more! And with that and my best friend coming to the city, my desire of having a vespa came alive too! I remember I was so eager to get a Vespa I even went to the store to try it, see it and choose the color, I even had a quotation of how much money would I have to spend. Let me tell you, lately I've been really thinking in to getting one! Imagine those summer days, taking pictures, having an ice cream, go around Tribeca (I would definitely drive the Vespa here compared with midtown lol!) And the blue color is my favorite! But I've also been thinking of the million designs I could do to a vespa.... who knows maybe I will get it, maybe I won't! 

Up in the air

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Now that I travel a lot more (oh please!) I don't really like planes. Thank God I haven't had a bad experience but it is never a GREAT experience, I mean, headaches, extreme freezing cold inside, a little very bump roads. But I do like the feeling of going somewhere, new or old, it doesn't matter, is going away for something different. And clouds do give me a sense of tranquility and that time stops for a second. 

Car chronicles in Miami!

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I believe this is gonna be my last post of my vacations in Miami back in September! This Miami trip was unbelievable, we had the best time of our lives and we enjoyed every second of it. Funny story, I have to share it! So we rented a car for the whole trip and one of the last days we decided to go on a little adventure (truly it was LITTLE) so we decided to go up North on the island to see what is there, little did we realize it was already sunset time so by the time we get there it was going to be dark. Surprise surprise, it started pouring rain like NEVER before, it was so rainy that we couldn't see anything, it was pitch black and we didn't know where we were, and no phone service, I swear it was a scary movie! I was the one driving and I do not see 100% so when you mix contact lenses, dark, rain and fear is not the best combination. Then we decided to turn right, OH LORD! there was a bridge and a highway!!!!!! We were so scared that I didn't know what to do and stopped the car (are you F kidding me that is even more dangerous) but before that i was going to make a U turn in a highway!!! and then we realized there was a block separating the lanes!!!! Soo we decided to stop to figure something because we felt like we were going to fall off that bridge/highway. Long story short we decided to keep going and suddenly found a place to do a -U turn... one of the things I will never forget, I was almost crying LOL! 

Chanel at Bal Harbour

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What would it be a great Miami trip without a little splurge at Bal Harbour?
Truth is, I just bought a lipstick but I do love all the details luxury brands add to your purchase (well we are not paying $2 so you better do the full package right?). This time we decided to go on a little wonder around Bal Harbour, which sometimes I would say is not my favorite place to shop at because it is boiling hot 98% of the time and to be honest I hate going shopping when there is absolutely NO ONE at the mall, but don't get me wrong I don't like long lines! Anyways, I decided to go for a leopard dress, my cat eye sunglasses from Aldo (which broke 2 days ago) a comfortable look for a full shopping day ... as if not everyday is a full shopping day LOL. 


When I used to live in Chile I always thought I was more of a "mountain" girl but after visiting Miami I discovered the beach is definitely one of my other places. Lately I've discovered that my Tumblr is all about traveling and amazing beaches. This time? no different, Miami is home, is paradise, is my little place on earth! My #Miamilife consists of my all time Miami breakfast; granola, greek yoghurt and fresh strawberries. Trying new nails (I seriously always do it when I am there!) Some Godiva chocolate strawberries and Aventura Mall, as always! Al though since this time we rented a car we went more to the Promenade and Hollywood beach (more like JoAnn and Michaels I would say lol!) We even went to Sawgrass mall which I will never go ever again, I highly DON'T recommend it, it is seriously a waste of time and it is FAR. 

The Box

It was supposed to be a blizzard, Stella they named it. Oh gosh, Stella you have been very boring to say the least. I was expecting to wake up with snow all over, truth is, it happened but now is just snow and sleet and is far from being fun. That's why I am taking full advantage of being at home and actually going through my pictures when my mom came to visit me in NYC and when we went to Miami (so expect those pictures soon!). Actually these pics were taken after our trip because I remember I bought this bag, which I am in love with!, at TJ Maxx. I love this bag it feels luxurious because of the "leather", the chain strap and the box shape. I love how versatile is with the black and white and it adds a little something to my all black outfits! 

Pietro Nolita

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Pietro NoLita

I took these pictures like 2 weeks ago when NYC decided to be warm and bring us some Spring weather! It was actually funny because I only wore a faux fur vest and a satin top and I was hot, like wishing I didn't bring my vest. Now, totally different, we are expecting major snow Mon-Tues-Wed ! (I am SO excited though, I love snow days!). We went on a little stroll around SoHo and NoLita, which are one of my favorite places to walk around in Manhattan and when we stumbled across Pietro Nolita it was the perfect instagram opportunity, hope you enjoy the pictures!  
BTW I am working on a new blog design and "different" posts or something new because I am feeling like I need a breath of fresh air and The Style Stash needs one as well! Enough with no posting for 2 weeks! Enjoy your Sunday!!! 

Beach blonde

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Go where your mind wonders...

And I realized I always crave white sand beaches with turquoise transparent water! I mean life doesn't get any better than that, does it?
I have a strong love with shoes and bag and fashion overall but a part of me wants to pack my bags and go travel the world, discover new places, enjoy new things and see everything I can before I die. I'm pretty sure we all have those things and to be honest right now I am the person that says "If you want something go ahead and do it, why waiting?" but reality is, I love my reality as well. It would be so hard to pack my bags and leave NYC, because I love being here. I guess that's the price you pay when you tend to love deeply. 

Cash outfit

By "Cash" I don't mean money. Al though would be nice. But it is regarding casual style, which to be honest is one of my absolute favorites. Easy to throw on, to walk in and to feel comfortable with, because lately I've discovered that there's nothing better than feeling great in your outfit to portrait the image you want! It actually gets a lot of looks from people in the streets!
Cool thing about this? it has a million trends going on, the frayed denim which is one of my favorites that I have to yet try on, retro sunglasses (major 90´s throwback), white heeled"sneakers"and one of my favorites, ruffles. 
Al though this outfit has nothing to do with the weather here in NYC, we are expecting a "Snow storm" tomorrow and today was a warm-ish day... can you believe how bipolar is the weather lately? Just like people... 

In with the old, out with the new?

I don't know what's been happening lately- Maybe it is I'm really growing up or is it that I'm more of an adult, not because of my age but because I am doing normal-adult like things. And today I got to realize just that. I've been so into the 2000's music it's ridiculous, I've been reading old blogs, I've been craving retro stuff and I think I'm going through a phase... a kind of, goth phase. Mom and dad don't worry, don't be scared I am not going to do crazy eyeliner make up, blood on my face or apply a foundation in white. Is just... I am going back to all the things I used to love when I was a kid. 

Didn't I tell you? I used to be obsessed with black clothes and gothic people when I was 10 years old, I still remember my cousin (aka sister) gave me some black clothes from one of her friends that was a goth, I cannot tell you how excited I was when I got those 3 black shirts. I don't know if they were age aproppriate but my mom was fine with dressing her 10 year old daughter in black, lace and sheer clothes, oh gosh. 
That's one of the things I love of my childhood and how my parents raised me. Despite having permission to do everything I wanted to,  I was never a crazy kid, hence why mom would find it cool to be dressed in sheer black clothes  I remember my cousin even painted my nails black, which, fun fact, it was the first color I painted my nails with... I have never forgot that, black is such a part of my life and will always be and I always go to black nail polish whenever I´m in doubt, because again, it drives my to my past. 
To that past when I was obsessed with being a goth and now reminds me of my present which I am loving black clothes lately (seriously I am not wearing any color lately) and I like to be that way because I also feel I am mourning the loss of one of the most important people in my life. Which takes me now how an adult I am despite being only 23 years. 

I don't know if it is because I pay for my stuff, I buy what I want, I cook for myself (yeah I wish, restaurants are my 24/7 spot), I pay my credit cards and I have a bank account, yup, checking and savings. I feel so old yet so young. I the more I'm older ( or I feel like Im getting older) the more I and everyone else craves the past. Because everything was "so easy" back then, but reality is, it wasn't easy, it is a phase we all went through and we are onto newer things. And there's nothing wrong with crave some retro fashion or decor but I find it funny how we want newer things, more modern yet we see ourself pinning old bathtubs, high waisted pants, military coats... that shows us that everything is a cycle and that maybe in 15 or 20 more years we will crave the "modern" things we have now.