Miami Update!

These days have been the best ones of my life! Miami is just as amazing as it was one year ago. Lately I've been super MIA because of all the things we need to have the house completely ready (yup, groceries!) And now I finally can blog normally and post videos! Excuse me for the crappy writing but I just wanted to post a quick update! 

Surreal Times

I'm in MIAMI ! I just needed to share that. Now looking at these pictures I took a couple of days ago seems too surreal! Here the heat is unbearable but amazing and living by the beach is just a dream, so seeing my self with a faux fur vest, high neck shirt and boots is just, weird. To be honest I just forgot how the cold feels, being here with shorts and skirts all day is amazing and I want to keep living my life this way. I normally dress pretty simple, lately I've been wearing a lot of black, which it wasn't never weird for me but when the bright colors trend arrived I was just not feeling the black vibe and now I cannot take it off. But still, black is just classic and timeless. 

What's in my travel make up bag!

New In : booties

Lately I've been obsessing with these type of booties, with the panel at the side instead of the zipper, but when I saw these cuties at just $10 I HAD to buy them. They are super comfortable and cute, also I don't own a lot of black booties so finding these was great! 

Red Leather story

So .. here it is for the start of making my looks posts! I cannot assure you that I'm gonna post them every single day, but you will definitely see more than the past months!  Yesterday when we took the pictures it was freezing and thinking that these are the last few days of cold I'm going to have, makes me super excited! I love black and sometimes is super hard for me to combine it with color, that's why I always throw on this red leather jacket to add a little pop to my outfits! The heels are my obsession, they go absolutely perfect with this look. It is casual but well put together, plus they are like my fave Louboutin booties, but cheaper. 

Roses Nail tutorial

Sweet Chanel

Why do I have this picture ? Well, I saw this amazing bracelet the other day and I just cannot get it out of my head! I started to search where I could find it (of course from Chanel, but where) and I still don't know. It is no surprise that a lot of people loved the grocery shop Karl Lagerfeld did for Chanel A/W 14' and I was of course on the bandwagon ! I am in love with the candy idea and I just cannot get this bracelet out of my head. I will be heading to Miami next week so I wonder if it is at Bal Harbour shops, if you know, please tell me!! 

Same Shirt & Bag, 3 different outfits!

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Daydreaming about Europe

Louis Vuitton shop, Paris, France.

The other day I was going through my phone and I love to keep every single picture and video on my phone. weather is from my trip to Europe, Argentine, Miami or Brazil, anyways every single picture I can have on my phone, I have it. Too bad my phone is only 16GB so I am not longer able to keep every video with me and I remember recording them to never forget what I was feeling at that exact point. Then I downloaded all my Europe pictures to my phone (not all but most ) and I just can't stop looking at them .. They are magical, I remember exactly what I was feeling, what I was thinking on the beautiful garden or castles I visited.
I cannot say I had a preference cause every country and city had something I love, the food, the people or the culture, every country had something that caught my eyes and took my breath away. I hope you guys love these pictures cause I am still daydreaming of going back to Europe one day .. who knows, maybe is sooner than later!

Match everything.

                                Jegging left  Top                                                            Right top   Skirt
I always been attracted to the matchy trend and it might be going a little now, but it will always be with me (even if I don't own anything matchy), maybe it's time for me to get something matchy-matchy? I personally prefer the summer style, since it is less fabric and you will look less as a couch and more as a trendy fashionista. 

Beach days

Playsuit: Miss Selfridge / Sunnies: Tom Ford / Beach bag: Fossil / Crop top: Eluxe / Skort: Forever New / Lipstick : Butter London / Nail Polish : Essie / Sandals: Black Five / Hat: Inverni / Heels: D&G / Earrings : SHY by Sidney

I was wondering about what should I write and when the rain started pouring down in my city I decided it was the best time to gather up some cute clothes for a beach weekend, thinking of Miami of course! These two outfits are perfect for some beach shopping and beach relaxing, aren't they?

Beauty Talk, Highlighter!

In this video I teach everything you need to know about highlighters! And the one I am talking about is this one and also you can buy it here at the bottom ;)

Getting cheeky

I think I am the worst at planning, seriously, I make all these cute to do lists and I never finish them the day they are supposed to, but oh well, bare with me. If you follow me on Instagram (you should definitely follow me) You can see the cute things I got from MeUndies, they contacted me and send me a couple of this for me to try. I am being 100% honest with you in my opinion.... THEY ARE AMAZING, the cotton is just dreamy, I LOVED IT . The white t-shirt is super nice and comfy, perfect for a day out and it is baggy in all of the right places, I really loved the material of the clothes it was amazing, high quality and good prices.

How to: Quick&Simple Hairstyle

So here is a super quick video on a hair tutorial, side ponytail to be precise. Perfect for going to school or just having a chill day! I hope you like it ;)! 

Acrylic Nails 101 Video

On today's video I am sharing everything about Acrylic nails! The good, the bad and the ugly (not a lot of that) I hope this video is useful for you! Don't forget to share and subscribe ! :) 

Monochromatic again

Yuup, too much beauty already and let's get back to this beautiful fashions styles! I was on a mood of buying lots of colors since I wear too much black, but I just can't. I've returned to the monochromatic look with only black and whites and I adore it, is the perfect way to look super stylish and still being super causal! The two outfits up show exactly that. Perfect outfits to wear on a lazy Sunday, right? 

MAC Mineralize skinfinish

Yes please! I've been in the hunt for years for this highlighter though I never was brave enough to buy it and always stare to it in every single MAC store. But finally the braveness came to my heart and I decided I wouldn't leave the store without it. Not that much really, I was going to buy it, realize it was too expensive and then they told me it was on discount so immediately into my bag. And it is here to help me tell you how great it is. 

June Favorites Video

Yup, another month flew by and it is time for my June Favorites! I hope you enjoy the video and subscribe! All the products mentioned can be purchased below!