How to Spice up your Outfit!

Hey people! Today is a new video (which took about 1000 minutes to upload) Yes, it started at 12pm and now is 8:46 pm LOL. I am not posting too much because the house is being completely remodelated and painted and I just can't enter my room to my default computer (yes, I am super old school, I love my desktop). I hope you enjoy and as soon as I can I will give the details of the products I showed in the video! Much love for you guys!

Fashion Cupcakes

I baked these cupackes the other day and they were delicious! Now that I am seeing them I really want to bake more, it was super easy and fast and super yummy!! I am sorry for the lack of fashion posts, I've been incredibly busy amd I seriously have no time organization skills... I need to work on that, lol.

The Big Announcement

The big announcement is finally here! I am super thrilled to tell you that I am going to launch a Fashion online magazine in July! The official date is still a secret so you will have to wait a little! I am super excited about this new thing and I hope you enjoy it too! It will be sold 4 times a year and if you subscribe you will get 4 editions+ 2 special ones! It will be fashion/Beauty and editorial. For more information watch the video! 

Life is short!

I love to find some cute and cool things when I really don't expect to. Yesterday I was grocery hopping with my mom, grandma and cousin <3 and when my mom parked I saw this cute wagon that said Be happy, life is short! And had all this cute designs in it .. I love to find great quotes and the whole wagon made my day! 

Up in the air

I've been working like crazy and suddenly  was going through my phone pics and found these ones that are really cute (at least is my humble opinion, lol.) It was a shoot we had in the mountains, it was super cold and that's the reason of a red nose and a super faux fur long coat! The views were breathtaking and I love the fresh air every once in a while! 

Tutorial "Sexy Vampy Look"

Here is a tutorial on how to achieve a Sexy Vampy Look! Below and n the description box of youtube I have the links with the things I used!

The world inside

What's up! So I've been in the world of acrylics nails since last year (though I only use them for like 3 to 4 months to let the nail breathe). Now this year I decided to do them myself since I was really bored to go to the salon, wait 4 hours and return every 3 weeks or so. 

Low cuts

Lately I've been obsessing with low cut shirts, I love them and think fit and skinny people look perfect in these. I don't like how it looks with heavier chest but that is just my opinion. Don't you love it too? Below I've got some options for these where you can buy them or only take a look! 

Get Ready With Me: Film a Video

Met Ball Gala Favorites!

The MET Gala for me is the best place to showcase really haute cotoure pieces, seeing all those floor length gowns makes me want to jump in my screen and be there. Here I gathered up all of my favorite looks, I couldn't stay just for one.. so here they are... but the ones I really loved are the Olsen's ones, gosh those dresses are MAGICAL! 

New In: Zara Glasses

So the pictures came out a little old school (at last that is the feeling they give to me) and I am glad they did cause there is something about this glasses that makes me feel they are super modern but at the same time old school. As you may not know, I am practically blind and contacts tend to dry my eyes too much that's why I wanted to buy this glasses, plus the ones I have right now are disappearing little by little.

Kate Moss x Topshop

Hey guys! wow, how fast is the year going by! So I been pretty busy this year and I think I can't quite manage my time organizational skills yet, but I am trying and that's what matters. I wanted to share with you these tiny selection of pictures I took the other day when I got invited to the launch of Kate Moss for Topshop. I have to say that style is not very much me, but one romper just took my breath away and I still can't forget about it. I have to say though that they didn't bring all the collection, just a few pieces(or I didn't find it) I hope you guys like the pictures and don't forget to check out my youtube channel and IG! Also I have a tremendous news that I am going to share through a video and blog post this week! so stay tuned!!!