Sweet and Chic

I was just bored and started playing with clothes, online, of course. And came up with this beautiful collage perfect for being chic and a little sweet with an edgy touch! I love this whole outfit and I can see myself wearing it. I love palazzo pants or bell bottom's I feel they are perfect for my body since they make me look even taller, which is not something I need but I like (I am already 5'9). Do you like it ? 

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August/September Favorites

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Miami Memories

Since living in Miami for more than a month I can say, it is so my place oh well, let me explain. Lately I've been thinking a lot of the countries and cities I've visited so far.. Let's take it more throwback style. When I was younger I couldn't understand when the teacher would ask the first day of class "Introduce yourself, your name and what you like to do" and there were tons of people that said travel the world. I actually never liked travelling, I thought that is a waste of money and time that you can spend doing so many different things (as buying clothes lol) But with my first travel to Miami, everything changed. I've been wanting to travel the world so much, I want to know the interesting things the globe has to offer, I see myself daydreaming about living in so many different cities that I don't think I even will have a lot of time to do so, if I don't want to live like 2 weeks in a different country. I've been just daydreaming about Paris, London, Miami, New York, LA, Greece, India, Brazil... etc, so many place I want to go .. and so little time.  

Paris Fashion Week

Christian Dior
One of my dreams is going to Paris fashion week, is just more than a show, is a lifestyle I've been living for years now and I think fashion will always be part of my life. Seeing the show on the computer it is more than wanting to buy an expensive piece of fabric, is being in the moment, to watch a real show, it is like a fast pace moving gallery, works of art that designers have been thinking and working for months waiting to be shown to thousands and millions of people that breathe fashion. 

Fall Make up Tutorial

Fall make up tutorial is up for you all! I hope you like it :) 

No more Chipped nails!

Today I am saving your whole entire life, yes, today I feel like a super hero cause I found how to not have chipped nails for more than a week!!!!! and.. it's not GEL!... If you want to know more click the Read more button below..I promise you will love this. 

Bronzed up

Hey guys! So yesterday I filmed a No make up, make up look and this is the end result, I look way more bronze than I really was, I love this super simple make up for fall or summer, is just an easy way to look pull together but being super comfy with your make up! Stay tuned for the video! 

Summer Haul

Hey guys! Today's video is about the things I got when I was in Miami, while it was still Summer *sad face*. Below you can shop the products! 

Miami Panoramic

When I was in Miami I re-discovered (I keep forgetting about it and always "re-discover it") the panoramic option of the iphone! I tried to do it with my tiny camera but didn't find the panoramic option, which I really think it has it but I didn't find it. Anyways, I decided to document these little amazing landscapes and I always seem to do it when I'm on a trip, for me it just transports me back to the place I was, looking everything from a 360º view is just so magical to me. I just love to keep these images in my iphone. 

Milan Fashion Week

Few of my favorites looks from Milan Fashion Week .. I've never realized how amazing is this fashion week and how full of great designers is! I am actually re-thinking of going next year!!! 

Kendall x DVF #NYFW Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on the Make up Kendall looked for the DVF Runway show at New York Fashion Week SS 15' I hope you enjoy it! Below you can purchase the products used on this video :)

La Provence

This is totally what I don't normally do but I needed to share my experience and pictures about this place. AMAZING, that would be the word to describe this place. It is a little artisan café in South Beach on Collins Ave 17 or 16th St (I don't remember very well).


Ok, let me start with an I LOVE IT, the trend for Spring Summer 15' is all about black and white and it is insane how every designer has black and white in their collections, I would say this is the most stated trend all over fashion weeks, like you can be 500% sure black and white is a trend for SS 15'.

The Last Vlog

This is the last vlog I have from Miami Beach.

Chanel Lust

Oh my god, do I need to say more? Probably not, because Chanel can speak for itself. But still I want to share with you my little story. Once up on a time a girl walked in a world full of wonderful things, the place that had all the girl always wanted, the mix between the NOW and THEN... uh, back to reality. So, I went to Bal Harbour shops when I was in Miami (didn't took many pics I know, stupid) and I can say I never enjoyed it as I did this time, I saw everything very calm and with detail and as the story I just told says, it was a world full of wonderful things. Chanel is that brand that is timeless, elegant and super classy with a touch of edgy in some pieces. I've been growing Chanel a lot lately and now I can finally say it is my favorite Couture House, I just would wear everything and every collection Karl gives me I just love it even more than the last one.

The Magic City

The time I had in Miami was truly magical, in this trip I learnt more things about the city and one of them that is definitely a highlight (or maybe one of them) is that they actually call Miami, The Magic City and I cannot agree more! Everything is just so amazing, the lights, the sea, the sky and everything the city has to offer is truly magical. I got to shop there and think about ways of making the blog and youtube more interesting so stay tuned for that. 

Thank you!

Thank you for all the laughs, the love, the beautiful scenery, the perfect weather, the adventures, the freedom I get to feel while I am here... My paradise on earth. 

Miami Beach Vlog #4

Life Update: Paradise on earth.

Hey everyone, today I am going to give you a brief life update. What has happened lately? well, I am in Miami Beach and have been here for over a month now, I love it here and I can call it my home since I've come every single year since 2010. I've been lacking on posts and videos because I am in a hotel, which has very crappy wifi and I am stuck with a tiny laptop that doesn't even have my must have tools (photoshop and video editors).