Today I am saving your whole entire life, yes, today I feel like a super hero cause I found how to not have chipped nails for more than a week!!!!! and.. it's not GEL!... If you want to know more click the Read more button below..I promise you will love this. 

We all have been in that stage of our lives where our nails ruin our whole outfit and it is extremely tiring to do them at 10 pm, plus wait for them to dry and sometimes skipping base and top coat. NOW! I got you covered. Have you seen the new range from Sally Hansen ? OMGel ? well, I thought it was expensive too, I mean a pack of the color + top coat for 14.99 + taxes is way too much for just nail polish and sometimes don't even using the top coat. But I found the perfect combo. I got the Sally Hansen complete SALON manicure and the Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy diamond top coat and let me tell you this is my most loved combination of all times, and no is not navy + black polish. The Revlon top coat is like a gel top coat that doesn't need any light or super powers, you just apply it how you would apply a normal top coat. The Sally Hansen dries super fast so this combo is super quick for those days when you don't have time to paint your nails and you don't have time to look ugly. You apply your base coat, a Sally Hansen polish (with this polish worked absolutely fabulous, with the china glaze not so much, but still I have no chipped nails for like 5 days) and then you apply the Revlon top coat .. THAT simple. Am I not your super hero? xx.