How I De-stress in paradise.

To be completely honest this year didn't come to a great start. Can't say it has been bad but it definitely wasn't what I was hoping for or expecting really- That's why a much needed vacation was in the cards for me and one day when I just reached my max point I decided to go to paradise for a couple of days and just enjoy being me and taking in my surroundings without having to worry about life. 

Here is how I De-Stress in Miami! 

- Walks on the beach 
It might be simple for some people but for me, in Miami, calms me immensely, looking a the color of the water and the tiny waves is bliss!

- Doing what I used to do when I was happy. 
What did I do? I went back to my vacation/paradise/stress free life routine. Which is going to CVS, walk alongside Collins Ave, buy nail stuff (this time I got my nails done!) But overall re visit what I am used to do while I am there because there hasn't been a time I wasn't happy. 

OK this time I was focused on buying whatever I wanted, but obviously I didn't find anything lol. But these are the times where I forget I have to pay bills, I forget I live in a super expensive city, I forget everything and I just feel like I am on a life stand by and shop everything. 

 And last but definitely not least.

Is to be grateful, take a couple of minutes of what are you doing and talk to God, or yourself and remind yourself how lucky you are to be there and whatever you are going through for better or worse, will not last forever.


Going out tops x TOBI

Summer is coming or well at least that's what I'm hoping for! Lately has been so cold in NYC!
So TOBI contacted me and they showed me the awesome stuff they've got in their website, which to my surprise I wasn't aware, so now I am happy or maybe sad because I know I will be buying more clothes! haha as if I need more... I really do.
So they kindly send me some tops to show you, which I have to say I have a few fave ones. 

First of all, this blue crop top is #Goals, I don't know in what sense, but it is dreamy! The second I saw it I was like 'I need to get this' I instantly imagined myself in the streets on my way to Marquee! It is perfect for a night out and the fabric is a nice semi sheer velvet and the color? Don't get me started the blue is perfect, is kind of a mix between navy and cobalt blue which makes it perfect. I paired it with a black high waisted denim skirt. You can of course pair it with high waisted jeans but I would recommend only black ones because the blue denim might clash a little bit. I decided to pair both with a fuchsia lipstick by Givenchy that for some reason looks more towards a red kind of color, but either way I think it gives it a nice pop to the whole outfit. 

Now for the other top. Let's have a second to admire all the black I wear every day. And this top wouldn't be an exception! It is an off the shoulder crop which goes perfect with high waisted palazzo pants (Which Im still on the hunt for the perfect pair!) The top has cool details on the sleeves making them the cool factor.
I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer and take these tops for a stroll! Also stay tuned because I've got an off the shoulder dress from them that is amazing! But as I said, winter has to go now so I can rock it soon! 

Boston for the weekend

After a much needed break I am back in the city. And funny enough I had a little city getaway 2.0. 
I went to Miami last week and then my bff surprised me with a little trip to Boston which I gotta say, made me want to go traveling x10! 
I've never been those obsessed with travel, don't get me wrong, I for sure want to see the world, but lately it's been something that my mind craves more and more like the air I need to breathe and that ladies and gentlemen has never happened before. 

What did we do in Boston? 
We went near Quincy Market which is one of the most recommended places I've gotta say! But we didn't actually go there, instead we had awesome fish tacos at Chart House, which was lovely being outside in the sun even though was freezing! 

What to see? 
If I have one thing to recommend when going to Boston is DEFINITELY going to Harvard, it woke up the little girl in me and reminded me how much I wanted to attend when I was little! It was definitely a dream of mine and being able to walk around the campus and buying myself a Harvard sweater was amazing! 

It is such a great feeling when you make your dreams come true. 
After this weekend I definitely want to take a car more often and just drive around NY to see what other places I can visit! And you should do that too wherever you are!