After a much needed break I am back in the city. And funny enough I had a little city getaway 2.0. 
I went to Miami last week and then my bff surprised me with a little trip to Boston which I gotta say, made me want to go traveling x10! 
I've never been those obsessed with travel, don't get me wrong, I for sure want to see the world, but lately it's been something that my mind craves more and more like the air I need to breathe and that ladies and gentlemen has never happened before. 

What did we do in Boston? 
We went near Quincy Market which is one of the most recommended places I've gotta say! But we didn't actually go there, instead we had awesome fish tacos at Chart House, which was lovely being outside in the sun even though was freezing! 

What to see? 
If I have one thing to recommend when going to Boston is DEFINITELY going to Harvard, it woke up the little girl in me and reminded me how much I wanted to attend when I was little! It was definitely a dream of mine and being able to walk around the campus and buying myself a Harvard sweater was amazing! 

It is such a great feeling when you make your dreams come true. 
After this weekend I definitely want to take a car more often and just drive around NY to see what other places I can visit! And you should do that too wherever you are!