Summer is coming or well at least that's what I'm hoping for! Lately has been so cold in NYC!
So TOBI contacted me and they showed me the awesome stuff they've got in their website, which to my surprise I wasn't aware, so now I am happy or maybe sad because I know I will be buying more clothes! haha as if I need more... I really do.
So they kindly send me some tops to show you, which I have to say I have a few fave ones. 

First of all, this blue crop top is #Goals, I don't know in what sense, but it is dreamy! The second I saw it I was like 'I need to get this' I instantly imagined myself in the streets on my way to Marquee! It is perfect for a night out and the fabric is a nice semi sheer velvet and the color? Don't get me started the blue is perfect, is kind of a mix between navy and cobalt blue which makes it perfect. I paired it with a black high waisted denim skirt. You can of course pair it with high waisted jeans but I would recommend only black ones because the blue denim might clash a little bit. I decided to pair both with a fuchsia lipstick by Givenchy that for some reason looks more towards a red kind of color, but either way I think it gives it a nice pop to the whole outfit. 

Now for the other top. Let's have a second to admire all the black I wear every day. And this top wouldn't be an exception! It is an off the shoulder crop which goes perfect with high waisted palazzo pants (Which Im still on the hunt for the perfect pair!) The top has cool details on the sleeves making them the cool factor.
I cannot wait for the weather to get warmer and take these tops for a stroll! Also stay tuned because I've got an off the shoulder dress from them that is amazing! But as I said, winter has to go now so I can rock it soon!