The rare print

Wow, wow, double wow! I cannot believe January is already gone .. well 1 more day, but technically it's gone. My favorite month of the year because of my birthday, summer and I don't know what else. It was a little too hectic for me, since my grandma (my second mom) went to the clinic  for like a week or 2 and I had to stop my beach vacation with my friend and come as fast as a racing car (which is not the best if the highway is full of gigantic trucks) Anyways, everything is good now, my lovely 2nd mom is perfectly fine which really shocked all doctors and I find myself in the regular summer boring-ess. For this year I wanted to be more organized but this month really put me to test and I have to say I won an F for that. Buuuuuut, I have so many things for 2014 it's insane, I started my youtube channel in its old swing again and I have something so special and amazing under my sleeve I can't wait to tell. For now I will leave you with this fashion post, which it came pretty long and nothing about fashion, but here starts the subject that matters! 

Valentine's Day Nails!

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I wanted to do a nail tutorial, but something more pop and friendly rather than super romantic! And this is how it turned out! Don't forget to subscribe and 3rd February I will start doing a looooot of different videos (yup, more than nail tutorials!) I hope you like it!!! HERE is my CHANNEL

Match In

I feel not long ago the matchy matchy thing was totally out of trend and now is something super cool, which I have to say If it is well combined, it looks amazing. I love the match of jeans or silk, so this picture is definitely a pretty one for my taste! What about you? and don't forget to check out my youtube channel and subscribe ;)! 

Alexa Chung Nails!

Long time since I haven't make a video! And I have to say I loved this one it was fun and super easy! check it out .. in February I will start my week to week videos and I hope you are here to support! Have a great day! Thank you!


Youtube Channel Update!

People! I know I've been a little bit MIA! And I want to share exciting news with you! I was going to re-open my youtube channel (me talking) this week, but because I had a tough week I couldn't.. In February you will watch me doing some videos for you! Like favorites, hauls and way more things, still I am going to have my blog but I just wanted to share the news with you! I know I started it in December and I was going to be constant but it is just a little hard, the thing is, my videos are going to be in English, which is not my foreign language (but it is like) and I do speak Spanish on a regular basis, so talking to a camera in my room, in English is a little embarrassing if you have your mom listening .. I don't know I just get nervous if she's around but I will try my best to just keep that aside ;). So expect more fashion, lifestyle and beauty videos on YouTube! You can check out some Nail tutorials I did HERE. And don't forget to subscribe, the more subscribers the more videos will be up! 


Yeah yeah yeah! I've been super busy this week because it's been a rough one.. but what made it better? My dad coming back from Vegas with this little one!! I am seriously in love with the palette and the lip gloss that came with it is great too! So I love the whole package, I cannot talk more since I will have to go now. But I will start my videos very soon (I was going to post the this week but I couldn't) And definitely expect a big haul! See you later loves!


I've been daydreaming about this for days and now I had to share it since my obsession got bigger ! Look at that jacuzzi and sea !!! Ahhh-mazing! 

Nowhere to be seen

I love a big statement necklace, is the perfect accessory to a boring outfit and if it is gold, way better! Too bad I cannot find ANYWHERE and I mean ANYWHERE, not in NYC, Miami, my country ... NOWHERE a big chunky gold chain necklace, but what I did find at Zara in NYC was a very cool gold chain necklace, which it wasn't chunky but it does pretty much the 80% of the job. It looks like the one here at the bottom! ;)

Editorial Notorial

Red Lace!!! <3

I am a sucker for editorial pictures, specially if they are weird, artistic or black and white, Oh and super fashionable! I just love these kind of pictures and it would be so cool to shoot something like these, specially the red one over here! Aghhh I just adore them, you can check out more on my pinterest! 

My cool addiction

I am a crazy nail addict and my nails are always with color, except for some days when they do hurt so much since I can go like 4 months changing every single week my nail color without letting them breathe. I love Nails and as you may know I did some Christmas nail tutorials on my youtube channel. If you'd like to see how I do some of the ones displayed here just let me know in the comments since it is so fun to do my nails once in a while! But I always try to change them and never repeat them (except for leopard, that is one of my favs!)

A match made in heaven

Starting the story, yesterday I got my black Friday sale from the states (I know super late, thanks to taxes) and I got so many denim shirts is overwhelming, but I just have a thing for them and I love to combine them with the exact same shade of jeans.. I know pretty lame, but sometimes it looks super cool with some more edgy accessories! Plus the denim shirts might come with some designs on, mine came with camo print, another with kind of tribal thing, one plane and I don't remember what else, but it is fun to be matchy matchy once in a while ! 

The favorite hanging

I am a huge fan of blazer, or boyfriend blazers really and the colors are infinite when it comes to this awesome piece! Since it is super hard for me to find really boyfriend blazers in colors I don't own that much but the black one I have is my all time favorite piece in my closet, and I could say it is my fav thing hanging on there! So I would definitely recommend to have one in black and white, which are the ones I have and I love them to death, I have something really weird with clothing, I buy it and I don't want to wear them since I don't want to get them dirty or something similar, but after I conquer that fear, I cannot take it off! 

Winter White

White is taking a name lately, with full outfits covered in the beautiful absence of color (white) people is more and more daring when it comes to wear it head to toe. With some cute colorful accessories or even following the white tone it is so easy to pull off this color! Though sometimes highlights those extra pounds you don't like! That's why I don't recommend to wear white bikinis, once I heard they were the worst for people cause it accentuates everything bad on the body, so unless you are Candice Swanepoel I recommend to stay away form white bikinis. 

NAKED 1 or 2?

I've been dreaming about these 2 for a long time and I never really made up my mind while I was in the states (NY opportunity and Miami too) but now that my dad is going away to Vegas I decided it was the perfect time to decide which one I should get. But now, there's the problem, I'm so torn about these 2!!! I cannot choose and I really have to do it quickly ... which one is your fave? 

What I got for Christmas!

This are few thing I got for Christmas and I have to say I couldn't love them more! My mom really did a hit this time with honors lol! I love every single thing in here and a bunch I got but are not too bloggable (if that's even a word lol) Well I will leave you with these awesome products that you sure should check out ;)! 

Happy 2014!

Wow! I can't believe it's 2014 already! how the years are flying by! Seriously! Anyways I wanted to wish you all a great year full of joy and the things you expect! Of course as every year I had ups and downs, but facing all of them positively was the secret to a great year! I can't wait to see what this year brings! I am excited!