Emmy Awards Fashion Police!

Lauren Graham: Yigal Azrouël gown, she looks so glam and fancy, appropiate for her age, but the upper body looks like a little bit older. But is a mistake we can forget and forgive :)

Nina Dobrev: I hate her I don't know why but I hate her personality and her face but I have to say her dress is beautiful and fits her totally but I am not too conviced yet. Zuhair Murad dress. 

Julie Benz: I thought she was Christina Applegate! she looks flawless in her ivory silk one-shoulder gown.Her blonde hair looks stunning with this beautiful white dress. Nothing else to say! perfect fit! but actually her hair I would do a better style, like up or bangs or maybe without nothing! But excellent anyways!

Tina Fey: She is hilarious and always edgy and this dress is a completely example of that, I have to say I am sorry cause I hate this gown is absolutely horrible and doesnt fit her well at all!!!

Julia Louis: I don't like her much. And I have to be very simple of this becauase she looks older with that dress, that black gown doesnt fit her at all and the HAIR what happen with her HAIR !?!??!?! Is horrible like just jump out of the bed and went to the emmys, and the earrings looks like bought them in Venice Beach!! in a Fair completely bad bad bad, Sorry :) 

Kim Kardashian: I lvoe her she is totally my fashion icon and that's why I put on my blog a lot about her, this dress is liek a greek godess and is absolutely stunning BUT (we always havea but) it makes her look super fat! and now is summer she is with a beautiful figure, she shouldn't have wore this Marchesa dress !!

Heidi Klum: She is a model and everything fits her omg its amazing how she had like 8 babies but looks awsome! 

Katrina Bowden lovely in a ruffled lavender BCBG Max Azria I lovee it ! it fits like a glove for hair because those dresses for me doesnt fit at all !! congrats!.

Lea Michele: In her beautiful navy Oscar de la Renta, looks so skinny and soo perfect fit! BUT I have to say the hair is absolutely bad bad bad. She could do more clean hair without bangs or maybe with a bun or something else. But her necklace is gorgeous!

Sofia Vergara: Carolina Herrera gold dress, its beautiful, stunning she looks very pretty but a little bit like a whore, I dont knwo why but she gives me that feeling, tho her hair and make up is fabolous!

I am going to post more tomorrow ! Becuase I dont have more time now ! sorry for the lack of entries today tomorrow I will post a lot I promise!! Hope you liek it


How to define your Style!

I know defining your style is hard, because I haven't found mine yet.
But I have been following so many tips that have helped me to search for it! It is so improtant style in our lives, cause fashion comes and goes... but style IS ALWAYS THERE WITH YOU!

Thats why I am going to tell u little tricks to defining it!
-Go to your closet and find the color that predominate in it!
- Watch every single style pictures you can and select your top 20 !!
- Everytime I look a girl or someone walking down the street and I say "OMG she exudes style!!" People who I say that are dressed SO ROCK N ROLL! So maybe you can try to look like a Rock Star with red lips, black or very blonde hair, black clothes(red, blue, and green are cool too !)
-Try to say the most favorite 3 things by you. like: Fancy, Glamorous, Casual, Formal, Rock, Edgy, Hippie, Boho or Chic. And when you choose 3 of them choose the one that you absolutely really love!!

When you define your style, personally I think you limit your dress options. But is up to you, because YOU like to dress how you like it or what your style tells you.
Hope this little tips work for you !



Events, Tweet LIVE!!

Ok so Today was the Emmy awards and just at the middle of the red carpet I got an amazing Idea, tweet live bout the style of the stars, too bad I didn't made an announcement earlier for you to know or catch up! That's why One week early and one day earlier I am going to tell at what time I am going to tweet live ok? so you can catch up with me and maybe tweet with me!!
Also of doing this I really had an AMAZING idea, I am going to have a little section of  Fashion Police!!

The enxt event are the VMA's airing on September 12 !!! so Stay tunned for more.

PLUS! Tomorrow or Tuesday I will give the Fashion Police of the stars of today's Emmy Awards!!!


How to keep FIT!

For years I used to practice Rithmic Gimnastics ( Idont know how u spell it) but one day I decided to jump out because my coach was very annoying and the past months she wasnt teaching me anything ! the thing is..
Since I jumped out of R.G and PE in my school,  I think I became more fat! and that is a fact actually !

So for now 2 years I want to loose pounds! I have but I have gian them right away...
So now I am trying dieting and excersising! and I will give u hints of become more healthier and skinny !

In my country as well as in the United States tehre is a show called "Dancing with the Stars" and I heard here in Chile and USA, all the contestants are much skinnier and healthier and also with a better life condition !
I investigate a little about this and I realize Dancing is the best easy, fun way to keep fit and loose punds!
You know Leah Michelle ? The Star from the Fox Show "Glee" ? well, in thte tabloids the rumors say, She is so skinny that maybe she is annorexic, well I have to say that is completely FALSE.

She have rehearsals 5 days a weeks and the other 2 she is working on acting or singing! How you cannot be skinny if you rehearse 5 times a week? and I mean REHEARSE! Dancing hard, like 5 hours non stop.
I think this is a great tip for everyone to do, cause its easy, its fun ! and best of all it will give you the body you want very soon.!

The other star that loves dancing and keeps away from sugar and sodas is Audrina Patridge OMG she REALLY has the amazing body ever ! I would love to look like her don't you too girls? If so let's goo Dancing !!! hahaha

I really don't like exercising! but I am going to start doing it again, but I have to say Ive tried a little dancing and has worked a lot! and I will try it now again ! and I can guarantee it will work! cause its simple, fun, easy and the best way of loose pounds, feel sexier, be more tonned up, be skinny , healthier and best of all ENERGETIC ALL DAY LONG!

I really hope this will help to you :)

Emmy awards Live Tweet!!

Yes I am live tweeting the looks on the Emmy' s Red Carpet
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Exten... WHAT?

If we look close, almost every celebrity have hair extensions! Wether because they want to have more volume, they prefer long hair or they just want to be like others. Personally, my hair grow SO SLOW! and I one day decide I should go for extensions.

I went to a hairdresser and she told me if I want the hair extensions that are glued with Keratin, ( that are the best glue.. because your hair need Keratin)

anyways, they glued on my 60 hair extensions, like 1 cm of  width !!!!! thats INSANE ! They told me they will not hurt but! My skin is very sensitive so it hurt A LOT! and when they finish it (3 hours later) I looked with only like 20 width of HAIR !!! My volume was completely GONE!!!!!

I was characterized of my hair volume, such a lyon woman! and now I was looking like a wet kitty !

So the next day I said, MOM ! I want this extensions OFF MY HAIR!
The hole thing was soooo expensive!!! and so painful ! ( believe me, sleeping with those extensions where like sleeping with nails buried in my head !!!

And one year later (Today) My hair is cool but I had to take a lot of care because they cut me my hair with something liek a knife and that DESTROYS the tips of your hair!

So keep in mind this before you even consider Hair Extensions: 

- If you have sensitive skin as I have, really I recommend not doing it!
- If you have great volume in your hair and you want hair extensions you will have to put like 150 !! and that is      BEYOND EXPENSIVE!!!
-If you really don't have much hair and you want more, I suggest you can have the extensions, but is totally up to you !!
- I recommend better waiting your hair to grow  by itself it so much prettier and natural!


P.S : Every other day I will post how to keep your hair pretty for the winter in the US and the Summer of Chile :) ! Have a great day everyone!!

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This Blog frenzy, has started!

OMG when I looked this morning that 5 people are following me that MADE MY HOLE DAY ! I am so excited because I've been here for only 3 days I think? and now people is following me and comment in the entries and that is soo coool!

 Please remember guys! if you want to comment do it! if you want to ask me something do it !! if you want to know more about me read my profile, add me on twitter, email me do whatever you want! Because I am beyond excited doing this blog, and I think that so far so GREAT :)

Please guys follow me more ! and you will see more, I want people to know about me and why? because I want everyone to look fabolous!

Lots of Love,

High Heels a Really MUST!

In the U.S and develop coubtries teen girls wear heels EVERYTIME! And in chile NEVER (personally I've asked ) people what they feel about heels and they have told me "they look ridicoulous in a 16 year old girl" "they are uncomfortable" and millions of other excuces and now I am telling for every teen girl out in the world WEAR HEELS! U will look more tall, more skinny, ur legs are going to look so tunned, ur butt will look perfect and millions of atributes!

 Its true they are painful after walking miles and hours but as I have read, if u r going to wear them WEAR THEM! 

I have to make some comments First: u MUST have one pair of black heels! Cause they get with everything! Most of all, the black heels can make u look and feel more sexier and this I don't know why but men loves girls wearing heels cause I think we look more mature or something and I will ask men about what they feel about their girlfriend or just girls wearing heels. 

Coloured heels looks so much crazy than classic ones, this heels go great with black outfits or other color combined but please never and I mean never combine 4 or more colors with patterns!! They dont mix at all!! 

Also classic nude heels go great with every outfit to bright and crazy colors from dark black outfits!! In my shop are going to be lots of heels u guys might love! 

But remember Stilettos are the best and they are not stilettos without the 5 inch heel (12cm aprox!)


Have Yellow Teeth problem?

Ok i have to say! We all see our teeth much yellower than other people see our teeth. 

I don't like my teeth cause I think they can be more whiter than they are! So while I was in Miami i founded amazing things!!! 

The Listerine Whitening Pencil was so great cause it gives u like instant whitening NOT like pure pearls but it will look more clean! It was very cheap I think it costed me 11 dollars but I am not sure so go to the supermarket and find it and let me know:) haha.

 It doesn't give you weird feeling actually you don't even feel it so is great if u r having a date or party or maybe just a family bday bash!!

Where I bought it was in Publix Supermarket!

Here in Chile I really don't know if they sell them, but if you knwo comment below and tell me where did u find it! or just email me !