A Style folder, a while ago I was determined of reorganizing my style folder that is in my computer, here I have many pictures of different styles, of course styles I love ! and I wanted to share a little with you guys. I know (because i am part of it) that most of women do not know what to where ! wether because you have many clothes or you have many little or just you can't find the right outfit! And one day I figure out why I shouldnt have a style folder? where I can put all the options of celebrities and maybe recreate them with my own clothes? 

And one day I spent the hole day searching for look I printed aprox 50 looks and when I really do not know what to wear is because I run out of options! and now is happening, that's why I thought again of gettin a Style folder but in my computer because there I can put 5000 thousand or more images and I can watch them everytime I want. 

If you see in the side bar (left side) are pictures, well those are from my Style Folder, every girl should have one, because with this powerful thing you want to buy more clothes, wear heels, dress properly, elegant, fancy and glamorous. 

Here I let you know a little amount of style sI am loving right now! enjoy :)