So my how to, was a complete fiasco! I finish editing the video and the pictures in my notebook and I need to put them in my desktop computer! and I tried but it was like 1 hour to be in the folder I wanted to and I erase them (accidentally) in my notebook so I can't upload any photos or video here, that's why I am going to do it tomorrow but one, much more cool !

So as I am going to post my How to Nails! I am going to post the steps you need to have happy and incredible nails !

I have to admit! My nails are not the best ones, because they are very weak! I almost break them like every 2 weeks! that's why I keep them short all the time! and actually they don't have a shape either!
In my vacations I kept them super long! I was so happy and when I was like 3 days before going back to school I broke like 4 of my 10 nails ! that's why I have to keep them short again :( ( I think my school have something that my nails hate and that's why they broke a lot! maybe I shouldnt go anymore ! hahah that would be soo cool but no I have to be a professional :D ) .
Well I will start on this because if I keep writting I will never get this done ! haha.

1 Step: You really have to make sure your nails are really clean and great! The next thing I do is everytimebefore painting my nails I wash them with water and soap very slow and detailed!

2 Step: Then I really need to put lotion near my cuticles becuase my hand's skin is very dry, so that lotion makes my finger so smooth and I love that feeling!!

3 Step: Apply Base Coat! I discovered it just this year becuase since in summer ( January) I am painting my nails almost everyday when I clean them up they were a little bit dark, so a friend told em abou tth ebase coat and I went directly to a place to buy OPI and I found it an dit was expensive $7000 in Chile and in Miami $USD7.00 you also can find any other base coat but I highly recommend this cause is professional and great !

4 Step: Apply the design or color you want! be careful and paint it like nobody or nothing is hurrying you !

5 Stpe: Apply Top Coat! It's important very important because with this you preven tthe paint from getting old and scratchy 2 days later, with the top coat your polish will remain excelent! I use NYC New York Colors, and its great, so far so good! But the other one people have been saying is great is the OPI Top Coat but is the same price as the base ( PLEASE NOTE! THE BASE AND TOP COAT BY OPI HAVE DIFFERENT PRICES THAN THE ONE COLOR !! ) Also you can apply an extra shiny top coat, normal top coat, matte top coat, every top coat in the world :)

6 Step : Clean up everything was out of line and place!

7 Step: You are done :) !

I hope this will help you and I am very excited of doing this blog, every hour I have a new idea to post ! but I have no time to do it! but I promise you I will atleast post one entry every day !!!
The picture that is up I love it cuase I am such a huge fan of Twitter I tweet all day ! so I think is a great idea for twitterers like me :)
Hope you enjoy it and be prepare for more and of course tomorrow with my tutorial :)
thanks a looot and stay tunned!

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