Ok i have to say! We all see our teeth much yellower than other people see our teeth. 

I don't like my teeth cause I think they can be more whiter than they are! So while I was in Miami i founded amazing things!!! 

The Listerine Whitening Pencil was so great cause it gives u like instant whitening NOT like pure pearls but it will look more clean! It was very cheap I think it costed me 11 dollars but I am not sure so go to the supermarket and find it and let me know:) haha.

 It doesn't give you weird feeling actually you don't even feel it so is great if u r having a date or party or maybe just a family bday bash!!

Where I bought it was in Publix Supermarket!

Here in Chile I really don't know if they sell them, but if you knwo comment below and tell me where did u find it! or just email me !