If we look close, almost every celebrity have hair extensions! Wether because they want to have more volume, they prefer long hair or they just want to be like others. Personally, my hair grow SO SLOW! and I one day decide I should go for extensions.

I went to a hairdresser and she told me if I want the hair extensions that are glued with Keratin, ( that are the best glue.. because your hair need Keratin)

anyways, they glued on my 60 hair extensions, like 1 cm of  width !!!!! thats INSANE ! They told me they will not hurt but! My skin is very sensitive so it hurt A LOT! and when they finish it (3 hours later) I looked with only like 20 width of HAIR !!! My volume was completely GONE!!!!!

I was characterized of my hair volume, such a lyon woman! and now I was looking like a wet kitty !

So the next day I said, MOM ! I want this extensions OFF MY HAIR!
The hole thing was soooo expensive!!! and so painful ! ( believe me, sleeping with those extensions where like sleeping with nails buried in my head !!!

And one year later (Today) My hair is cool but I had to take a lot of care because they cut me my hair with something liek a knife and that DESTROYS the tips of your hair!

So keep in mind this before you even consider Hair Extensions: 

- If you have sensitive skin as I have, really I recommend not doing it!
- If you have great volume in your hair and you want hair extensions you will have to put like 150 !! and that is      BEYOND EXPENSIVE!!!
-If you really don't have much hair and you want more, I suggest you can have the extensions, but is totally up to you !!
- I recommend better waiting your hair to grow  by itself it so much prettier and natural!


P.S : Every other day I will post how to keep your hair pretty for the winter in the US and the Summer of Chile :) ! Have a great day everyone!!

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