In the U.S and develop coubtries teen girls wear heels EVERYTIME! And in chile NEVER (personally I've asked ) people what they feel about heels and they have told me "they look ridicoulous in a 16 year old girl" "they are uncomfortable" and millions of other excuces and now I am telling for every teen girl out in the world WEAR HEELS! U will look more tall, more skinny, ur legs are going to look so tunned, ur butt will look perfect and millions of atributes!

 Its true they are painful after walking miles and hours but as I have read, if u r going to wear them WEAR THEM! 

I have to make some comments First: u MUST have one pair of black heels! Cause they get with everything! Most of all, the black heels can make u look and feel more sexier and this I don't know why but men loves girls wearing heels cause I think we look more mature or something and I will ask men about what they feel about their girlfriend or just girls wearing heels. 

Coloured heels looks so much crazy than classic ones, this heels go great with black outfits or other color combined but please never and I mean never combine 4 or more colors with patterns!! They dont mix at all!! 

Also classic nude heels go great with every outfit to bright and crazy colors from dark black outfits!! In my shop are going to be lots of heels u guys might love! 

But remember Stilettos are the best and they are not stilettos without the 5 inch heel (12cm aprox!)