When you wonder

SoHo must be one of my favorite places in NYC, because of how quite (some areas) are and also because of the very european vibe I get every time I go there. Since coming to NYC by myself, i've experienced so many things ( I think I already wrote about that millions of times) but getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do to discover new things. 

Let's stay positive

Hey guys! Lately I've been in this positive kick and it has been really helpful. I wanted to share this with you because lately I've been posting a lot of reflective/positive thoughts on my instagram and you guys should definitely check it out so we can all make this world a better place! 

Heat wave styles

 Hey guys! I've been very busy, first of all because I found a job! (isn't that so cool?) Working in NYC, who knew! Anyways, for today I wanted to give you the option for this kind of heat wave at the moment, both in Europe and in NYC! It is a laid back style, chic, comfy and monochromatic, just how I like it! Remember you can twitch it the way you want because is all about being true to ourselves! 

All black vibes

So I am studying Fashion Merchandising, and what I've hear a lot from professors at my school is that people don't dress as formal as they would do in Manhattan. I wonder why is that because for sure I love formal dressing and I started to see what people were wearing and they were absolutely right. 

Kendall Jenner's Style

Guess who sorted out photoshop!!! OK, I've been trying to get this post up for more than 10 days now and finally I have everything I need. 
A couple of weeks ago, me and my roommate were chatting Which celebrity would you steal her entire closet? and funny thing, she answered Kendall Jenner, which I like how she dresses but I don't know if I ever thought of stealing her closet, maybe Kylie's but Kendall's... ? And it got stuck in my head for a while and you know what? I am in love how Kendall Jenner has dressed lately. 


It's been crazy few days in New York City and my love for it grows everyday, there is so much stuff to do here is insane, this city really never stops! I've been checking out some cool places and having some serious experiences. From Chinatown, to the Brooklyn bridge, to the Disney store in Times Square to dozens of museums. You can follow all of these adventures real time on my IG and Snapchat, both are @TheStyleStash! I hope you join in this adventure as well! (Sorry for my lack of posts, I've been having a ton of problems with photoshop, where I edit my photos so they can all have the same width and style! I will try to solve this in the next few days! ) 

Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale

It is time folks! Nordstrom's anniversary sale just started for cardholders of Nordstrom! Did you know these are fall items marked down? So when the time the sale ends they will have their original price (much higher). I recommend you sign up for the card to have early access to the sale (Sale for everyone starts on June 17th.) Happy Shopping!

The perfect style

Sometimes I spend too much time on Tumblr and sometimes I spend too much time on Pinterest, I always see myself looking for different things in these 2 platforms, but what always remains the same in any social media website is that I always search for one of my favorite couture houses of all times. CHANEL

Keeping it simple

Well, well, well. When I first saw all youtubers getting the new Infallible pro matte foundation from L'oreal I was like SOLD, I NEED IT and of course in Chile never came (or it wasn't in the same packaging) and also it was double the price, since I knew I was coming to NYC I decided to wait and buy it in the first CVS that I come across. 

Hair care

My hair is one of the things I worry about the most, I like to have volume, length and health that's why I cut my hair every 2 months or every month if I remember (because I only cut it on full moon!). And when I got some nice stuff from Ulta, these too came as a gift so why not trying them and give you my opinion about them. 

A pick me up!

Well, we all have been there. To give up on the trend and buy the expensive, nice packaged one? or take the chance and buy the cheapest one hoping it might not be as good as the high end one. I am here to give your pores a great solution.