Well, well, well. When I first saw all youtubers getting the new Infallible pro matte foundation from L'oreal I was like SOLD, I NEED IT and of course in Chile never came (or it wasn't in the same packaging) and also it was double the price, since I knew I was coming to NYC I decided to wait and buy it in the first CVS that I come across. 
For all of these products I wanted to keep it casual, simple and easy to wear on my skin. For me the foundation was great, it is really matte but at the same time is like watery (which is weird) but great to apply, it does stay for a long time and it is MATTE. 
For the Blush, Laura Geller's Catalina, AGH amazing, I love it, the pigmentation is great, the color is fabulous and it goes so nice with my skin tone. 
The Rimmel London Scandal Eyes in the shade Bluffing, is such a nice brown shade that goes with any look from day to night I love this eyeshadow stick! 
Last but definitely not least, my holy grail NYX concealer, by far one of the best concealers in the market, I will leave you with that. 

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