SoHo must be one of my favorite places in NYC, because of how quite (some areas) are and also because of the very european vibe I get every time I go there. Since coming to NYC by myself, i've experienced so many things ( I think I already wrote about that millions of times) but getting out of your comfort zone is one of the best things you can do to discover new things. 

I love how cities and different places, even stores can inspire us or making us realize how fortunate we are. We should always be grateful about everything, from the bad times which teach us something to get on with life to the good times, because without those we wouldn't have memories to remember. Wonder all the time, try to discover, be adventurous, never settle, never. You should always aim for more and look for more, that way you will truly experience life! Try getting out of your comfort zone and you will realize what a difference it makes in your appreciation of life.