Sorry for being so MIA, between work and moving to another place has been a battle! Today I have another New York post but with a positive note to you all. 
When I first move here I loved it and 2 weeks later I was really thinking if I could see myself here and what I really wanted to do in the future.
Today I am still not quite sure, but those days were stressful as hell. Something that really helped me, was writing down positive things, anything I could think of, even just one word I would develop that in a positive thing and start to feel that way. Thats why you will see some Instagram posts with a "Q || " those were my escapes from feeling stress but later it was a way of expressing more positivity into this negative world! So people, when you feel sad or stress do this, imagine any word, anything that happened that day and develop that into a full sentence of positivity I swear it will change how you see your life in little as 4 days!