It is official! Bye Bye 2010!!!

Well today is New Years Eve and actually I am very sad that 2010 is going! cause I had the geratest times in the year... I have to say it was super rocky for Chile, but for me was totally amazing! I will say goodbye to this year in honors and I really will thank for everything that the year gave me..

As this is the last entry I post in this Year I want to make it special, that's why I made a video that I upload to youtube to say thanks for all the people who reads my blgo and comment it and everything! and also wanted to giveone of my fav pics of this last entries! of 2010 !

Hope you enjoy the video a lot! and Remember! 2011 is coming with hell of a schedule! it is going to be insane, amazing and I can assure you guys that 2011 is going to be the best year I will had in a long time.. believe I know why :) !

Love&Glam, and a lot of great wishes, Happy New Year everybody!
Your sincerely fashion blogger!

Rafaella Online 

New Year, New hair!

Well all my life I have been with long hair, when I was little I had the most longer hair in my school! and then i cut it off at my shoulder height! and now I am waiting my hair to grow and have the longer of Khloe or Kim Kardashian :)!

But! I looooove how short hair looks, and sometimes, yes, I have been like " I should cut my hair at my shoulders again !" but then I got back to reality and say " Dude, I want to have long hair cause I love it... back to earth please!" hahahaha.

But I think if you have looooong hair and you want a big change for 2011 why don't you cut off your hair at the shoulders? like Rihanna, Maci Bookout, Nicole Richie, Emma Watson, etc.
Here are some pics on how you can rock your new Hair-Do!

Hope you enjoy this fab new hair ideas for this new year !!!! 
RafaellaOnline !

Bye.. 2010!

Well I ahve to say 2010 was a pretty hectic year for Chile, but for me is totally the opposite! I had an amazing year, I bought everything I wanted to, I travelled to the place of my dreams (Miami Beach, Sunny Isles) and I really had a great time this year! That's why I am saying goodbye 2010 with this pretty make up for New Year's Eve!

A Gold Make up! 
This fab Gold make up will make you look like a million dollars and will make you look super sexy with the touch of elegancy and classic.
The best Gold Eyeliner I know is the Hip Chrome Eyeliner by L'Oreal

The Hair and Mascara!
If your hair is blonde, even much better! but if don't you have to try this wavy hair very messy but still classy and sexy, and also we can go to the another level, the classic straight ponytail! 
Now with the Mascara, you have to put on a lot of mascara to make your eyelashes long adn flirty, also you can make a little black line in your eyelids!

Hope you all have a great New Year's Eve ! and an amazing 2011, but remember tomorrow I will post another entry so this is not the end! hahaha, my blog is just starting YAHOOO !!! 


The boost of the boots!

So, there is nothing wrong to wear boots in summer! is totally cool! but we have to be careful with what we wear them, like if we are in summer you cannot wear uggy boots with pants and sweaters and scarves, I mean we are in Summer! not in Winter! 

 That's why the Uggy boots we can wear them with amazing super short, shorts and a very light t-shirt or also we can wear them with leggings and a light shirt, but always with light clothes! 

So, the important thing is never wear too much up if you are wearing boots, that's why I love the combination of shorts with light shirts, also can be a sweater light dress, or a simple dress! but always LIGHT!

Hope you loved this little thing as much as I do! 
P.S: Sorry for not posting a lot of entries, is just I haven't had the time to do a pretty entry as I always do!

3 sexy ideas for New Year's Eve

Celebrities New Years Eve Outfits Celebrity Inspired New Years Eve Outfit Ideas Photos

I know i havent been posting entries is just christmas really took my time and i had nothing of little hours and were just to wrap gifts or do something related to one of my fav festivities but now getting to the point of new years i am going to tell you some things!!

I love this time of the year when the end is around the corner we have a new opportunity to shine! 
And how more flirty and fun you can do it wearing a stunning make-up and amazing hair do.

1st Look: Shine on me!

A very bright pink lipstick with great sparkly eye shadow! Just as the picture below, also you can make it in so many different ways as wearing the classic red lipstick or wearing something more edgy like a blue one or brown one.

2nd Look: Mysterious vixen

So, what more sexy than a girl wearing red lipstick and extremly sparkly nails? Well, nothing ... Yet hahaha!! The lipstick has to be red but very very red not dark and not orange-ish just red, and the sparkly nails should be like white sparkly, gold, silver, turqouise and purple!

3rd Look: Winter Wonderland

Brazilian people in New Years Eve wear white and i dont even know why, but i think it is to recieve the new year in a light way and very pure too.

Hope you guys loved this looks and well, that is pretty much it!


A little Style

So Ive been totally MIA! I am soo sorry is just Christmas eve it makes me have to do presents, and xmas cards, and shop all day! thats why I really don't have time to post entries! I am so sorry but I promise this is going to change next monday.. maybe I will be MIA this weekend because I love to spend time with my family in Christmas eve! here in the pics below you will see some of many styles I love! sorry for not posting! and hope you enjoy this pics!

XO have wonderful Christmas!
RafaellaOnline !:)