As summer is coming to Chile I have to prepare myself for the thrism of summer months that are absolutely great for me.
I love bikinis so it is super hard to find the perfect for me, as I love figures and colors and plaids!
Suddenly I was watching the TV and it was a celebrity  kinda programm, I kept watching and started the bikini thing! So I was looking completely looking excited!

I foun this few tipas that are GREAT!
First: If you don't have a close-to-perfect figure you should not wear a White Bikini, becuase ALL the details, this bathing suits shows them!

Also if you have big breasts: You should not wear a bikini with tons of designs, I know that sucks because I LOVE designed bikinis! But always we can pull out a sexy little stripes or figures bikini ! Look at the picture up, that is too many things but below you can see few pictures that are more closely to "ok"!

Heidi Montag Putting Those Big Fake Boobs to Work in a Bikini

If you have a tiny butt:: Those bikinis with ruffles cause that make all of you look bigger except the stomach arms and legs!

If you don't have that amazing abs we all want to have, its ok you can always try a great One-Piece bikini because those make you look more flattered, skinnier and fancier! And if it is black BETTER ! And I have to say I love this bathing suits! cause they make you look so GREAT! I dont have any but nof because of me! becuase of my mother that she buys me the stuff! hahahaha, but if you have the opportunity being skinny, fat, big breasts or WHATEVER you should always have a great one of this in your Closet !!!

Well I hope you guys like this amazing Bikini Thing! and What you are waiting for If you live in a country that Summer is around the corner? 
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