Taupe amazing eyes and soft pink lips, yes, that is what I am in love right now! It is so soft and very flirty at the same time. This make up look is totally Romantic and will be great with the Romantic Ruffles I posted few days ago.

Well first you need to apply a sheer pink on and your lips are ready! they are so easy to do! But if you want to be the pink more homogeneous you can apply a little bit of fouondation in your lips! I know it maybe sounds crazy but I just discovered it few months ago and it goes perfectly with great red lips.


Now the eyes, you need to apply a little purple-ish taupe dusted all around your eyes, a little bit of grey in your lashline and light beige in the inner corners, actually what I love of doing your eyes with sexy vibrant lights in your inner corners is that you look so pretty, that makes you look like super classy and elegant woman, just what everybody wants !

This type of make up is so flirty but romantic and lovely at the same time, that is perfect for a date night! or just going with friends to watch a movie!
Hope u guys loved it cause I really do!