I am sure Jersey Shore's cast would read this hahahah. 

Well i have to say i am white as paper in summer and in winter lol, i have such a pale skin but in summer i get a little bit more "dark" cause it is just a half of a tone more hahaha. The thing is, around the world the options are so many! 

For example in China all the people wants to look white! And you know that is because when a chinese person is darker it means that he or she works out there and that means a very low economical status. 

With the difference that in the U.S you need to be tan in summer and it is ok to be white in winter! Thats why in the us are the most known tanning saloons in the world!! 

For example in Italy that in this part the Jersey Shore cast enter hahah, i am an italian but from Trento and Lucca, those places r from North Italy, where the white people is considered more high society than extremely tanned people.  

And if you want to be tanned but you cant because you just cannot get tanned like me hahaha here are great self-tanning products!


Hope all of these advices were helpful! And lets have a great summer!!
RafaellaOnline !