Remember I did the analize the last week? about Blake Lively? well, now I am going to analize the style of  the sweetes no-more Miley Cyrus!

Well I am named her sweetest no-more cause she is going to the big leagues now smoking salvia and stuff htat I actually think  is super disgusting, but it is her desition.

What I love about her is she always dresses with tons of accesories and weird shirts and leggings, I don't know if I would dress like that but I think it is super cool and funny the way she does it!  Actually I don'tknow really well her style I would say is a little Hippie-boho-Rockstar .. so I am not sure... just going to analize the five looks I think are pretty :)!

First Look:

I have to say I absolutely love her denim shorts they are super edgy and rocky!  they are a little bit high waisted thing I absolutely looove! now the shirt is super simple, a white one and I think this outfit is just to chillin' or going to a fast food restaurant with your mom and dad, but nothing too formal or too girly! The thing I absolutely hate of this outfit are those ugly boots! I just hate them, they would have been amazing in one earth color! But the rest of the accesories is just fine.

Second Look:

Yes she is totally hippie! hahaha, I love the boots SO MUCH I wish I have one of those, again those denim shorts totally a YES! The jacket is another story, is not ugly but I think is just not for her I mean it is like she stoled it from her mother's closet I mean don't give me wrong, is not ugly but it doesn't fit her in the style...or I just hate it. I love the Chunky ring, remember I did an entry about them ?

Thir Look:

I absolutely love the hole outfit! the boots are totally fun and Rock style, the leggings are amazing, the shirt is super comfy! and very rock again, it is just perfect to going on a trip to be comfortable during the flight or going ro pick some ice cream .. or just go shopping! 

Fourth Look:

It seems like the only thing she wears are denim shorts hahaha, well they are great again ! the sandals I don't like them but they are fine with the hole outfit cause is casual, fun, age appropiate! The blouse is super comfy for hot days and the look is just FRESH! also the bag is pretty! totally hippie style.

Fifth Look:

And the final look, I am obsessed with those heels! ARE ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! amazind I adore the shoes, now for the SHORTS hahah  tehy are pretty and the hole outfit tells a story, it isnt matchy macthy but the style definetely match! And the shirt I can't see it very well but so far so great! hahaha, I think this is my #1 Outfit of Miley Cyrus!

Maybe you can take a look of her style at
RafaellaOnline !:)