A few days ago I was watching one of the first episodes of Girls of the Playboy Mansion and I was kinda into it ! and I was thinking about all the prejudices people have with Hugh Hefner or the Playboy girls and stuff. I really have to say I don't really care of what they do! and  I think Hugh Hefner is a total great man cause in the show he seems so happy everytime!

So if playboy offers me I would probably say yes BUT ! not toooooootally naked or something like that, but definetely I want to stop and break those rumors and prejudices about WHAT? posing in Playboy that is for sluts , its like come on dude isnt for sluts !! maybe tehre are some girls that really like it and want to be the cover classic and elegant.

So I really want to say we are in 2010 going to 2011 !!! lets be open ! I know it is hard but It is just an opinion of a person so you should not be involved in any way! I have to say I would pose but not for POSING I would do that 1- because of the money hahahahha 2- To demonstrate that there is nothing wrong!

PD: Dont give me wrong ok? I am not yes or no! I am just Whatever :)