You can wear 5 inch heels? the answer is TOTALLY YES! I just looooooove high heels and I am 5foot9' all people always tell me, you are too tall to wear those giant heels, well sweethearts have you ever seen a fashion show? or celebrities walking down the streets? even a F21 seller? well this last one could be the only one.. but when I was in Miami I saw a girl super tall wearing AMAZING 5 inch heels!


That's why I think is totally fine to wear them, I mean heels do nothing more that benefit you in every way! they make your butt look super cool, your legs tonned but not with those muscles that are like men muscles! and they make you such more skinnier, classic, elegant, chic and everything.

I have to say I love so much heels that I couldn't live without them! that's why I have like 7 pairs in my house and I will not stop until I have at least 1,000! hahahaha.

Jennifer Lopez Heels

And a great thing! if you are 13 or 16 or 39 you can wear them! is totally up to you sweetheart! an example is the amazing Kendall and Kylie Jenner, they have 14 and 13 years each.. and in every ocassion they are wearing heels so please! HEELS are the must in your LIFE!

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