Well today is New Years Eve and actually I am very sad that 2010 is going! cause I had the geratest times in the year... I have to say it was super rocky for Chile, but for me was totally amazing! I will say goodbye to this year in honors and I really will thank for everything that the year gave me..

As this is the last entry I post in this Year I want to make it special, that's why I made a video that I upload to youtube to say thanks for all the people who reads my blgo and comment it and everything! and also wanted to giveone of my fav pics of this last entries! of 2010 !

Hope you enjoy the video a lot! and Remember! 2011 is coming with hell of a schedule! it is going to be insane, amazing and I can assure you guys that 2011 is going to be the best year I will had in a long time.. believe I know why :) !

Love&Glam, and a lot of great wishes, Happy New Year everybody!
Your sincerely fashion blogger!

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