I love Shoes&Bags, so it would be amazing to have my own collection of shoes and bags ! but at the time I am thinking of another thing! hahahaha.

What I am going to tell you sweet ladies or boys! is that Bags are not for everyone! I mean if you never go out and you are a little bussy bags are not your thing BUT! comfort shoes are! Well this entry is about bags so I will post about that!

My favorite bags are Chanel and Luis Vuitton ones! they are so trendy and fashionable! If you have one consider yourself the queen of the world honey ! I have to say I don't own any Chanel or LV bag cause here in Chile they are VERY expensive so .. at the time I don't need them but I am sure I will get one in a near future.

What I have to say about bags is that you are tall you are lucky cause you can rock any bag, well those little tiny tiny ones I don't consider them cute in a 5 foot 9 girl  but yes in a 5 foot 4 or less !

Also if you are petite well, those oversized bags are not your thing cause they will make you look soo much petiter? hahaha.. what are going to do those giant bags are going to make you look super small and nobody wants that!

Well I have a selection of bags that I love and I want to share it with you ! so enjoy :)