This combination goes great! I actually love this type of style! I wear a lot of tight pants as leggings or skinny jeans with loose shirts and sometimes longer! 

Well I have to say that if you have big thighs, I do! hahaha, but not sooo big, well the thing is if you have this type of thighs skinny jeans are not for you, cause you must wear pants that are more like open or more loose at the bottom to cause a symmetry. 
But If you have average thighs or skinny thighs well skinny jeans were made for you girl ! 

Now to shirts, the loose ones can make you look skinnier if you are normal a liiiiitle overweight or if you are skinny but if you are really overweight these could make you look more fatter, BUT! be precise in the size, if you are not comfortable with something too loose or too tight you have to choose the right size :)!

Here are a couple of styles for everyone! :) 

For big thighs 

Average, skinny thighs!

I hope this was useful! comment guys below to tell me what do u think about! 
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