Since Jersey Shore went on in my country every people is going to the gym and as summer is near everyone is trying out the fitness coliseum hahaha, I think that in your gym suits you should look more sexier.. cause you are more sweatie and your hair is messy.. so if you put on anything you will look like a mess, but if you do take my advices on wearing sexy gym suits you will have everyone's look!

Take an advantage of this and you can mix up things... here are the 10 more great gym suits you can imagine.

Ashley Tisdale rocking a pair of black leggings, great snickers and a long shirt with something on it! so it is really fun and very comfortable. This is totally for everybody but if you are not comfy with your legs you maybe don't want to wear this leggings so you can wear the next one. And remember, when going to the gym you can bring your water, cellphone or/and iPod, so bring a little bag or a big one like this photo and it sure it will make your going to the gym super fun a celebritish style hahaha.

Here Miley is wearing a pair of big pants, sloopy or floopy ones and a t-shirt, This is great if you don't want leggings or something like that, but remember accesorize it good, because this is one step to the not sexy part!

Shanae Grimes is definetely rocking her amazing legs with those greate shorts, this are super comfortable at the time of running and exercising but if you are insecure about your legs, not recommended, because the key of having a sexy gym suit is having 90% of confidence, cause that is the main part of sexiness.

Nike leggings (or Puma or Adidas or whatever) with a white tank top.

Ashley Tisdale Actress Ashley Tisdale leaves a gym in West Hollywood.

this is my favorite for thousands! I love the leggings, the big white semi transparent shirt and a grey tank top underneath! is super fly this suit and you will feel so comfortable!!!

Shorts, high socks and a great pair of snickers, I guarantee you with this in ANY COLOR you will look AMAZING during those fitness sessions! hahaha. 

Again a white printed tank top and black leggins, remember you can change the colors of everything!!!

A very attached to the body shirt and loose pants .. this look is amazing, comfortable and sexy! remember in dark colors you look much skinnier so with this you will look a Honey Gym Biatch (with love of course) hahaha. 

Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnancy Fitness
For pregnant girls, well leggings are a great fit ! and they will give you the support you need ! and a long shirt it will be great for you too, but remember I recommend not to run or heavy exercise just do prenatal yoga or something like that, but you can always ask your personal trainer or the coach of the gym. 

Paris Hilton Out Buying Some Cosmetics

a Matchy matchi gym suit, well even tho I hate the green Paris Hilton is wearing... I love the pink, greys, whites, and black ones ! also the browns and earth tones ! this are amazing and will make you feel like a celebrity since they wear this matchy matchy gym suits a lot!

Hope you had fun and go inmediately to your local cloth store and buy some or even join a gym ! 
hahahaha  it is a personal desition tho... I dont go to the gym but I do exercise a lot, 1 hr a day with the PussyCat Dolls Workout DVD!