Turqouise is everything this summer and specially in eyes and dresses so you must read this to know a little bit more how to be IN this amazing hot summer :)

Eye Make up:
You can pull off the turqoise eyeshadow applying a metallic one, this will give you the eyes of your dreams! and remember the eyes are the getaway to the soul so definetely everyone is going to love your soul, or just the outside! hahaha.

Clothing: You can wear a matching dress, top, scarf, shoes or jeans! But remember the rest of the make up NEEDS to be pale, with a little shining signs in your cheeks!


Nails and Shoes: You could do a turqouise pedicure and manicure and you will look totally fab! but if you don't want to do it choose amazing pair of shoes with little details of turqoise!

Hope this was useful!