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My instagram in a week, or so, to be honest I am not quite sure, but I am so happy with my Instagram feed lately that I had to share it with you here! If you are not following me yet my username is @TheStyleStash. I always love to look at different IG accounts and I wasn't quite happy with mine for a few days, that's why I changed the way I edited the pictures and they are turning out amazing! 
Also I've been experimenting a lot with nail art, which it was one of my big loves and one of the reasons why I started a blog, yeah, really I was going to post everything about nail art but then I just was immerse into fashion blogging. Be sure to follow me so you don't miss any pictures !! 

Industrial surroundings

I've been slacking with my looks posts but I promise I haven't forgotten about them! at all. It is very fun actually to shoot 'outfits of the day'. We were once again in the countryside to visit my uncle and when I saw these containers I was OK, this is kinda industrial, kinda what I like. My outfit was not glamorous at all, it was more on the casual side but the color of this shirt combined with my lipstick and those shoes was the thing I really really liked. 

Payday Wishlist

The end of the month is fast approaching and some already are in their payday! That's why I wanted to share with you some pieces you can shop for! This time you can click on the items and it will take you to their website! The good thing, all of these are not super high priced ;).

Wedding dresses

Nope, I am not getting married. 

There is definitely no wonder I adore fashion, but what you might not know is that I love surfing on wedding dresses websites. Lame, I know, I am definitely not even near to get married but the thought of white beautiful gowns captivates my heart in a very unique way. One day I got an email from DressStreet to talk to you about wedding dresses and I immediately thought, Now I am only missing husband (a pretty important part in every wedding) so my second thought was, Wedding season is fast approaching and what better way to help you bride to be than showing you some amazing dresses from this website! 

New In: Statement Earrings

Let me start with how much I love these earrings. The other day I was thinking...-Ok lets rewind to the time Catherine Zeta-Jones wore an emerald green gown to the Golden Globes, that is when I wanted this kind of statement earrings (though I imagined them in green but still). I really had in my mind to buy statement earrings, a long time ago, I know but I never found the perfect ones that were in my head. 

Honey Berry

If you are any like me, you are obsessed with bold lipsticks, honestly I cannot imagine my life without a nice bold fuchsia or a very dark purple, even a black lipstick. That's why today I am sharing my obsession with this new lip liner by Essence Honey Berry

Fashion&Beauty mini Haul

So today's there's no Inspirational Monday since I decided I should upload a video sooner than later. I woke up at 6am and seriously I've done so many things since I just woke-up I decided this was going to be your inspiration! Wake up early, do stuff and be positive, Mondays are not that bad, is just a matter of mind! So here is a mini fashion/Beauty spring haul for y'all! I hope you enjoy it :) 

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Today's look

Today is Saturday, my kind of familiar day, I don't know why but we never get together on Sundays, we just don't. So Saturday is the day where I want to be comfortable, fresh and polished at the same time. I have to be honest, I never have too much makeup on, except from when I go to events and things like that. But for days like this, I rather go on a more "No makeup, makeup" than my average out and about days.

50 Facts about me

I hope you get to know me a little bit better :)! 

Battle of the concealers

To the beauty ladies I am sharing today a little battle of the concealers. If there's one beauty product I am obsessed with, is concealers (and lipsticks) not only because with the years I've been noticing my dark circles are getting Panda-like eyes but because is such a versatile product that can be worn as a tinted moisturizer. 


#HappyMonday! I hope this week is full of wonderful things and most of all, that you have a relaxing Monday! Today I was inspired by Wood&Metal, I saw that picture and was like, OK I need to do my Monday inspiration with that in mind! I adore the contrasts, I consider myself a paradox sometimes because I always like 2 opposite different things (weird, I know). 

February Favorites 2015!

Every brush you need to have

I am a huge brush lover but I am definitely into face brushes rather than eye ones (I am just a sucker for contouring). So today I wanted to share the basic pack that I would highly recommend anyone should have in their homes. Remember this is a complete pack so if you are more into face brushes like me just buy the face brushes but if you are more into mixing eye shadows and crazy eye makeup definitely here are some brushes missing. 

New In : MAC Tenor Voice

I have a love for MAC lipsticks it's insane but when I discovered the first time their limited edition products I was completely eager to buy at least one lipstick from every collection. I am a sucker for cute packaging and I love having limited edition things, of course this means a love-hate relationship, because when the product is gone my heart breaks a little. So today I am showing you the second product from my limited edition MAC collection, this beautiful matte red lipstick named Tenor Voice. 

Feel at ease

Hey everyone, I've been lacking post since I am lacking inspiration. That's why I decided to bring back my Inspirational posts I used to do every Sunday for like a month. I want to upload them though on Monday, since it is quite a heavy day for all of us so I decided it was the perfect time to feel more inspired and we can have something that it will make this day a lot easier, because staring at pretty pictures is the best right? 

DIY Coffee Scrub

Fashion and Beauty haul!

Golden thoughts

Hey guys! Today I am sharing my mani (which is what I just bought) this gorgeous pale yellow. Let me start with my "I hate yellow" feeling, I really hate it, I don't like yellow at all and I can be sure I don't own anything on my wardrobe that is yellow.

Transitioning seasons

Winter to Spring or the other way around we sometimes get confused in these transitions on what to buy! Today I got you covered with my Transition wishlist, this works for Summer to Fall or Winter to Spring so there is something for everyone in the world