If you are any like me, you are obsessed with bold lipsticks, honestly I cannot imagine my life without a nice bold fuchsia or a very dark purple, even a black lipstick. That's why today I am sharing my obsession with this new lip liner by Essence Honey Berry

I love plumy colors like this one and I just adore how it looks, the matte finish of the lipliner is perfection and the good thing is you can apply lip balm first so your lips will keep moisturized and the lipliner will actually paint your lips. Because we all know there are some that you apply lip balm and they just slide on your lips without applying any paint. That's why this one is a total keeper. Pair it with a warm cut crease eye make up and you will get all the looks, I'm tellin' ya. Plus it will save you a lot of money!

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