Hey guys! Today I am sharing my mani (which is what I just bought) this gorgeous pale yellow. Let me start with my "I hate yellow" feeling, I really hate it, I don't like yellow at all and I can be sure I don't own anything on my wardrobe that is yellow.
But I've been eyeing this nail polish for the longest time ever (like 2 years or more???) but I always was very hesitant of buying an expensive nail polish I might wear once for only 2 hours. That's why when I saw this tiny bottle, a good quality nail polish and a good price I was OK, let's take it home and try it. Now what can I say!? I am in love with the color, still it could have been a little pastel-ier but I think it looks so good muted instead of a super shiny yellow color so if you are any like me. Go for it you will not regret it!