Nope, I am not getting married. 

There is definitely no wonder I adore fashion, but what you might not know is that I love surfing on wedding dresses websites. Lame, I know, I am definitely not even near to get married but the thought of white beautiful gowns captivates my heart in a very unique way. One day I got an email from DressStreet to talk to you about wedding dresses and I immediately thought, Now I am only missing husband (a pretty important part in every wedding) so my second thought was, Wedding season is fast approaching and what better way to help you bride to be than showing you some amazing dresses from this website! 
To be honest I still don't know which kind of dress I would wear, but I do know I would wear 3 a lá Kardashian style, not because I consider myself the best, but I adore wedding gowns and what better excuse to buy 3 of them! The only thing I am sure though since the Royal Wedding I've been more into simple and very elegant dresses rather than puffy and big ones, but I mean, it is our one time to look like a princess (for some may be 10 lol) . 

I love the designs Dress Street have, and it is extremely hard to choose only one, but the mermaid wedding dress design is absolutely dreamy and here are my favorites!