To the beauty ladies I am sharing today a little battle of the concealers. If there's one beauty product I am obsessed with, is concealers (and lipsticks) not only because with the years I've been noticing my dark circles are getting Panda-like eyes but because is such a versatile product that can be worn as a tinted moisturizer. 

So, let's start. I prefer medium coverage concealers and more creamy or buttery liquid like, I hate strong ones cause I feel my under eyes get very cakey. I haven't found one that doesn't crease under my eyes so I am not going to talk about that topic since I haven't found that gemstone, YET. 

Here we have the NYX HD concealer: 

Best Uses: 
-Highlighting in general
-Covers super well dark circles

This one for highlighting is perfect, is super easy to blend and it adds that glow you want from a highlight, I also think it has a little salmony color (very little) that makes your dark circles hide way better than the Maybelline one. 

Maybelline Age Rewind:

-Works great as a tinted moisturizer.

I swear by this one when I don't want to wear any foundation and want to even out my skin, this one is so nice since it is super lightweight and it doesn't feel that you have a ton of makeup on your face. 

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