Winter to Spring or the other way around we sometimes get confused in these transitions on what to buy! Today I got you covered with my Transition wishlist, this works for Summer to Fall or Winter to Spring so there is something for everyone in the world

Some of these items have been on my eye lately, like the 3.1 Phillip Lim bag which I adore and the boyfriend style jeans that I am eager to try if they fit me well (so far no good luck AT ALL). Now getting into the subject, I am taking in consideration the 4 seasons a year has, that's why there are no dresses but some light fabrics and long sleeves to counter that. Chelsea boots are a perfect idea if you want to look on trend and still be comfortable and casual, I would recommend getting them in patent leather or something that is not suede, because water is not the best friend to that kind of fabric! To pair that I chose a long sleeve blouse in blue so it has color and it is still very wearable for any kind of season you can pair it with the floral blazer which is so cute for spring! 

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