Hey everyone, I've been lacking post since I am lacking inspiration. That's why I decided to bring back my Inspirational posts I used to do every Sunday for like a month. I want to upload them though on Monday, since it is quite a heavy day for all of us so I decided it was the perfect time to feel more inspired and we can have something that it will make this day a lot easier, because staring at pretty pictures is the best right? 

I have to be honest with you all, when I log in to Pinterest is like I am transported to a world full of wonderful things, nothing else bothers me, because I spend my time on Pinterest wisely and by wisely I mean starring at pictures for an hour and creating new boards every minute and not letting anyone interrupt me. anyone

I wish I could have a whole garden full of flowers.

So explaining today's inspiration, I am feeling quite relaxed today (on a Monday really!?) but I do, I just took a shower and I cannot feel more at ease. That's why I wanted to represent it in calming colors like pastel pink and white (which has been one of my favorite colors lately) The flowers are captivating my heart little by little, I used to not like flowers at all except for ones I don't know the name, but now I am obsessed with different types and I wish I could have a whole garden full of flowers. I hope I am giving you the same calming feeling for this Monday ! Have a great day and good luck !