Yves Saint Laurent Amour

Saint Laurent 

I am in love with this ring the minute I saw it like 3 years ago (maybe?) And I still can't get it out of my head! I still can't decide which color I like the most but maybe this is the winning one ... but I am so unsure!!! I want to be 100% sure to buy it because is not easy for me to return it at all (Yes, all the mailing and stuff) So still I can dream with having it... very soon !

Some clues!

I am giving you out some clues of what my next lifestyle channel is going to be about! Try to guess this one! Isn't it perfect? the whole outfit? 

A Little Surprise!

The perfect 3.

I love fuchsia, blouses and sequins, what makes this outfit more perfect? I don't know really but this, makes me want to dress up right now! 

The comfy style

Aren't you in love with these sneaker wedges? I am a girl who likes to be comfy and looking stylish at the same time, and people sometimes struggle in the battle of looking stylish or just comfy. Remember the in between post I did a couple days ago? 

Sorry for the Lack!

I promised this week it was going to be different, that I would dedicate myself to post, but it's been impossible since a terrible headache has attacked me the past few days! Anyways I have  tremendous surprise that I can't wait to share with you and I am working a little bit on that... You are going to here it soon!! 

The Perfect Balance

A lot of us have been in the situation of being too formal or too casual and never finding the perfect balance! But that is never going to happen anymore since I am sharing my secrets with you!

SS missing the T!

Yesterday I went to accessorize just to take a look and I found these amazing rings! Since I didn't find the R or N (My name and surname) I found 2 S instead, with a lot of thinking I came up to The Style Stash! The only one I am missing is the T but I will go and pick it out next week for sure! 

Show your Sunnies!

Isn't this outfit adorable!? I am seriously in love!!! So barbie-ish! The bag is perfect, well made, structured and easy to carry, the combo of the skirt and shirt is so comfy... I imagine myself in my travel to Europe, it would be the perfect cool outfit to go and be comfy!  

NYC, LA and MIA!

I loooove the combo between white and the fuchsia full of energy! A classy way to be on trend, feel the summer and look super casual but still tremendously chic! 

Airport total

I don't know why but this outfits kills me! but in a good way! I love how comfy looks perfect for an airport hang! I love Rihanna's style so chic, rough and edgy! Sometimes we need to be a little tough with our selections !

You need, I need.

I am so sorry, I've been so busy and no time to post at all!  I promise next week more longer posts and more interesting ones! And with that being said, enjoy a trend I adore! The peplum tops! reds,whites,emerald greens, royal blues and blacks are definitely a MUST!

I can't resist.

THIS, inspires me ... No more words, I am obsessed with Louboutin.

The mistery

I am not the biggest fan of yellow, actually I hate that color but this neon kind of is amazing!!! It goes with everything and it adds the perfect edgy touch to any outfit! 

ExpoNovios 2013

I was invited to this awesome fair or expo whatever you want to call it ! I will get the chance to see some designers, catch up with the romanticism of the couples and who knows! Maybe I will meet my prince charming...

50 Shades of Blue

 Blue could be one of my favorite colors because of its versatility with casual and formal wear! I feel so royal when I wear a very bright one. And this color is definitely up to the matchy-matchy thing! Just take a look at the picture! 

Eclectic & Electric.

I love colors and I am trying to change my all black closet into colorful pieces! I love all the pictures in this entry, and let me tell you , COLOR rocks! Try adding some more colorful pieces and you will look like such a happy person! 

The mix.

It's all about the mixing! Love the jeans and the skirt, plus the Prada bag adds the perfect touch! ;)


Pinch punch first day of the month, and the year is already flying by! And with that I am letting you enjoy the view of these beautiful jeans by Rag&Bone (I am pretty sure they are ) I just love the design! An edgy style to anything!