Where is your happy place?

So where is it? What do you think your happy place should have? 
I am going to open myself to you guys. And I honestly feel I've been much more open lately on the blog! and I quite like it. So, I live in NYC, I was born and raised in Chile and I always thought Miami was my paradise and although still is my paradise there have been a little changes along the way, where I have been asking myself, where is my happy place? 

Payday Wishlist!

3 Things for life

I've enjoyed so much doing these kind of posts where I share 5 things to do in NYC or 10 things to a happier life! I've demonstrated myself that I can live the life I want if I just follow simple steps. I am a Capricorn and it cannot reflect more my personality and one thing we all capris have is we give amazing advice but never follow it in our personal life, that's why these little lists help me so much! Today I am sharing 3 things for life. For your life, for anyone's life. Just life.


Time to get a little personal here. Today I am going to share some problems that are common between us women when it comes to bras! Now that I worked at Victoria's Secret I've heard A TON of things women go through when wearing bras (90% of the time they wear the wrong bra size) That's why Step 1 is to get measured and now what bra size you are. 

5 Things to do in NYC

I am a New Yorker. And if you think that stupid.. I don't give a F. New York became my home, my place and where I feel comfortable not being comfortable, is a city where I just feel alive and myself and at this very moment I can't see my life anywhere else other than in NYC. And after 6 months of living here I can say I know a couple of things to do if someone asks what are my recommendations when being a tourist in this city! I could write 20 or more but I am going to keep it short and sweet so I can keep doing these kind of blog posts that I enjoy to write! 5 things you HAVE to do while you are in NYC. Here they go! 

Indoor decor

I am a sucker for interior design lately. It has always been a passion of mine but lately with Pinterest and Tumblr invading me with pretty pictures it has become an obsession, a healthy one I must say. As for colors, whites and grays are what fill my heart with satisfaction and I know they might be too cold for a plae to call home but having the feeling of space is priceless and in New York is definitely PRICELESS (with a very high price lol).

How to live the Tumblr life

We've all been there, wanting to  immerse into Tumblr photography and just never end that never-ending scrolling feature. And as dumb as it sounds I am guilty of that as well. I still can remember the first time I discovered Tumblr, I was on it for HOURS, it started on my vacations in Brazil and when I returned home for school I used to scroll down until I was at the last picture the night before. Now that is impossible, with university stuff and work is just impossible. But you what is now possible ?
living that lifestyle, I now live by myself in New York so it is easier for me to do the stuff I want and just be with myself and no one else and it also leaves room for decor inspiration ( I love decor posts on Tumblr!) And today I am going to give you little advice on How to live that awesome Tumblr life. 

Farfetch Workout style

I bet every single one of us or 99.8% of the world's population had a New Years resolution to workout more. And to be honest I've stick up to it for the last 15 days and has been going pretty well, besides I don't look pretty while working out (I workout at home so who cares about my shorts) and is the perfect excuse to shop for more clothes but not very good for my wallet (who cares at the end of the day?!). So Farfetch contacted me because they are running a blogger competition and the rules are workout clothes, comfy, stylish and you know, Farfetch styled. 

Golden Globes Best Dressed

These are the dresses that blew my mind! I love every single one of those with the hair, make up and accessories!

Golden Globes Snapchat!

LAST MINUTE! I am going to be snapping/snapchating (?!?) my thoughts on the fashion of the Golden Globe awards 2016! Go follow me now on snapchat @Thestylestash ! 

The Yeezy obsession

What is this thing that everyone has with the yeezy sneakers? I honestly don't understand, everyone says "Oh I hate the Kardashians" thing is, they only buy the yeezys because of Kim (you know she is married to Kanye) and al though I have nothing against KUWTK, I just don't like them. The thing with Yeezy is the collection sells you a lifestyle, so if you are into that, then definitely get your pair. If you love neutrals as much as Kanye or Kim these will be right up in your alley. But if you think they are a little over priced, you can definitely get away with some regular Adidas

Birthday blues

East Village
Happy bday to me! In honor of it I am sharing some of my fave moments in the city of my dreams, New York.

10 Things to do to be happier

Washington Square Park.
I don't know if I can consider myself absolutely happy because I'm still missing some things in my life, things I really want and also I feel that happiness could be a journey more than a destination and maybe it is not something you will reach anytime in your life, is not like climbing a mountain, once you get to the top you reached it so now what? And after having the worst experience ever I can't make a statement weather I am happy or not. But I can say I am absolutely happier than I was before, which makes sense with my mountain example right? And I can't say I have tricks and secrets on how to become happier, but there are some things you might one to try on your journey of becoming happier. the best one I would say is N°3, because that one made my last year a great one.

All things travel week.

No need to feel bad if you've never been to one of this places. That is about change because I am working on bring The Style Stash one week beauty&fashion week! I will incorporate places to see, things to do, make up to wear and what clothes to bring! Isn't it exciting? That way you will feel like you are on vacation but just underneath your finger tips! 

The highs and lows

I've been into this whole search of my style lately, I've been gathering inspiration from tumblr, pinterest and Instagram and of course my favorite fashion blogs (because of course I read a lot of them). What I've found lately is that the highs and lows are my thing. I love deep V-necks with high waisted skirts, jeans and shorts. But I haven't found the type of fabric, silhouette and overall style I want to accomplish this year. 

Year's wishlist

I am excited and very happy about this year, don't ask why because I don't have any idea but I just feel is going to be a good one! For today, if you read my post yesterday you will know why I am in this kinda transition time, I am gathering what I want this year when it comes to fashion and my personal style.
After living and studying in New York I realized how much black they are use to see and that made me realize what a colorful closet I had, which is not a bad thing but has never been really myself, because when I was younger I would always wear all black errthang. Really. like 10 years old all black.

2016, You are here.

I was start with a "I have to post on the first day of the year" and started going through my blog and saw the Archives section and realized how surreal it is that 2016, another year just started. 365 days to share love and positive thoughts and my passion which it happens to be fashion of course.