I've been into this whole search of my style lately, I've been gathering inspiration from tumblr, pinterest and Instagram and of course my favorite fashion blogs (because of course I read a lot of them). What I've found lately is that the highs and lows are my thing. I love deep V-necks with high waisted skirts, jeans and shorts. But I haven't found the type of fabric, silhouette and overall style I want to accomplish this year. 

When it comes to describing someone's style I am very careful, because I don't want to fall into one category that won't let me try new things. I've always found that having a specific style just puts you into one category and you can't really experiment more. What I do love and always have, are crop tops, they are so versatile (specially if you are skinny) but I love having that sexy little detail of showing just an inch of my belly with something high waisted.