Time to get a little personal here. Today I am going to share some problems that are common between us women when it comes to bras! Now that I worked at Victoria's Secret I've heard A TON of things women go through when wearing bras (90% of the time they wear the wrong bra size) That's why Step 1 is to get measured and now what bra size you are. 

I have to be honest, all bra-blems (bra problems) are because you are not wearing the right size. So every single problem can be solve by just getting the right one. But what happens when you do have the right size and it just doesn't feel perfect? 

1.Slipping straps. Just tighten them, is super simple but sometimes they tend to stretch out so you have to tighten them every once in a while! Guilty of having this problem. 

2.Straps digging in. I've had this problem too many times, and it is because I do tend to wear a band size bigger ( I don't know is just my preference) Cause at the end of the day if you are a 32C and you feel more comfortable wearing a 34C you go with what you like, because the one wearing the bra is you not the sales associate! If the straps dig in it means you need a smaller band size. 

3.Cup gaping. They are not twins they are sisters ( I loved when I heard that!) And sometimes you are a specific size but you still have that gaping, then you can try the 1/2 sizes from ThirdLove