I am excited and very happy about this year, don't ask why because I don't have any idea but I just feel is going to be a good one! For today, if you read my post yesterday you will know why I am in this kinda transition time, I am gathering what I want this year when it comes to fashion and my personal style.
After living and studying in New York I realized how much black they are use to see and that made me realize what a colorful closet I had, which is not a bad thing but has never been really myself, because when I was younger I would always wear all black errthang. Really. like 10 years old all black.

 Some people say that is depressing, I say it is just fashion and how I feel comfortable and what I like. Then when I studied in NYC my professors all the time were "complaining" how different Manhattan is now from how it used to be, when everyone would wear black head to toe and formal all day long, And after hearing that, I was like having a re-birth with my inner personal style. Then I started working at Victoria's Secret, which our uniform for my luck was all black. all black. And I adored that, we all looked so polished and put together and that made me understand how black can be an awesome color. Later, after a few months I discovered that I might have taken the "All black errthang attitude" too far, I didn't own anything with color, ok well, very little and that made me think if I really want to dress all black errthang, ERRDAY! That's the main reason why I want to incorporate this year a little change into my personal style and I know and I am not trying to fool anyone with saying "I will not wear black this year" that's something is just NOT myself but I am going to try my best to incorporate maybe more fabrics and textures.