So where is it? What do you think your happy place should have? 
I am going to open myself to you guys. And I honestly feel I've been much more open lately on the blog! and I quite like it. So, I live in NYC, I was born and raised in Chile and I always thought Miami was my paradise and although still is my paradise there have been a little changes along the way, where I have been asking myself, where is my happy place? 

I have a short answer for that, and it is definitely somewhere in the US, where I feel in my element, like myself and most importantly, alive. Once I heard " Go where your mind wanders" and although I adore NYC and it feels definitely my home, I've been "studying" myself and see that my mind actually wanders around exotic nice beaches. Maybe is going to be where I am going to live the rest of my life, but I am pretty sure I have some more time left in NYC! And in the meanwhile I can go on a cheeky vacation right?! (yup, my inner British just came out)