We've all been there, wanting to  immerse into Tumblr photography and just never end that never-ending scrolling feature. And as dumb as it sounds I am guilty of that as well. I still can remember the first time I discovered Tumblr, I was on it for HOURS, it started on my vacations in Brazil and when I returned home for school I used to scroll down until I was at the last picture the night before. Now that is impossible, with university stuff and work is just impossible. But you what is now possible ?
living that lifestyle, I now live by myself in New York so it is easier for me to do the stuff I want and just be with myself and no one else and it also leaves room for decor inspiration ( I love decor posts on Tumblr!) And today I am going to give you little advice on How to live that awesome Tumblr life. 
Ripped Jeans are going to be your best friend.Not only because they are comfortable and on trend (isn't it fun to wear jeans in the summer but whit the distressed look they are still wearable!?) They are perfect for that photo opportunity we ALL crave on tumblr

Go to a tropical place  Ok, this might be the hardest one. But almost every country in this world has a beach. You will have to hike here and there to find that perfect secret place where palm trees and the sea is at your fingertips. 

A tumblr city.  I am lucky here, New York is definitely one of the most photographed cities on tumblr but so are Paris, London, Milan and countries in Europe. Is not hard to find cobblestone streets and a cute Parisian inspired architecture pieces in every city of the world (even Chile has some!)

Coffee, coffee, coffee... Not only New Yorkers are OBSESSED with coffee, Tumblr is as well! Grab a nice cup of coffee, watch, plant and a notebook and you are done with your Tumblr set up (and you are living the moment so... there it goes your Tumblr life.)

Long nails or statement coats. If you are not in the Kylie Jenner's nail club don't fret! Because statement coats or just big camel coats are Tumblr-ish as well! You can throw them with your ripped jeans (hint hint!) and a simple white t-shirt and you are done! With the nails!? Go to a salon, do your acrylic manicure and pop on some cool rings or henna tattoos!