Secret Garden 2!

It is always a surprise when it comes to Dior, and this video is certainly not an exception! I was in love with the first one "Secret Garden Versailles" and this second one is amazing as well... enjoy this trip with me and Dior! Here on TheStyleStash! 


As I said yesterday! We just added international shipping for ! And we just added the accessories section where you can find amazing sunglasses perfect for the summer! 

Shop The Style Stash! Now International Shipping

Hi! I am so exhausted to announce that I now have International shipping to all around the world! So head down to Shop The Style Stash now! And get buying! 

Sporty chique.

With the huge polar weather that is hitting my country (yes, totally different from Miami) I can't concentrate in anything... I am so tired lately, like there is no energy left in my system. And I am dealing with writer's block so bad!!!!! I am seeing all of these fashion ads, magazines, blogs and pictures and it is like my brain is overloaded with info so I can manage to place them in right order... I guess I will have to start writing my posts while on my warm, cozy bed! 


What can I say!? I think the pictures speak for themselves, such a magical place full of options and things to do! Everywhere you look there is something new. And I can't wait to share more! 


I am in my last weeks of uni for god's sake! And with tons of works and homeworks and projects I have to do, posting is getting a little bit too difficult! I will try my best! But I can't promise anything! Here are some of my fav styles! 

Hey July!

Happy July! Since in 4 more days is the independence day of my beloved country (USA) Just wanted to post some pics white, red and blue! honoring our beautiful flag and amazing country! Enjoy the styles, plus you could wear one of them in the 4th 's celebrations! 

Miami I love you!

Hiiiii ! I've been so MIA, because I've been there these past 2 weeks! I have to say, going to Miami is always a great thing for me and my soul, the beach, the stores, the people, the cars,everything is just too perfect! I remember that my grandmother said that when she went to New York, she felt alive for the first time! And I have to say, when I go to Miami I feel I live too!! It is just a magical place.

Crazy hippie!

Isn't this so cute!? I loved it and now that I am experimenting with dying  hahaha it is perfect! 

Shorty shorts!

I love shorts, love high waisted pants and love accessories with studs, so these kind of shorts are perfect for me! I am trying to find some here and I have to say I feel they are really near, anyways who knows keep waiting just like the fedora!

Colors, Neon and everything!

I am so thrilled to be leaving to Miami, and this colors are perfectly describing my feeling right now! PLUS, those see through bags are so in now! I am not very sure if I love them but I definitely don't hate them! hahaha. 


I am in love with this manicure and the ring is fab! I love looking at inspirational pictures for my trip to Miami!! Can't wait!


I needed to share this with you guys! Can't believe this little girl was raised in South Africa for 10 years... She played with animals and just had fun with them for all that period of time! It is really amazing how if I a person goes with respect and treats right, the animals will accept him/her! I am beyond amazed of this! And the pictures are so beautiful, you can buy the book in amazon I believe! And it is called Tippi: My book of Africa! With this, seriously I could name my daughter Tippi, because of this! 

Get it now!

Isn't this French Connection bag amazing!? Love the color and the shape, perfect for a day out and about ;)!  Be sure to check out my store where you can buy it at an awesome price! just click HERE!

Black, black, black... oh and Black.

When I was a kid my favorite color was black (wow right) but I was just amazed with this classic black pieces, and now I don't know if it is because of the winter or my inner kid is coming again that I've been dressing in black so much. 

Look of the Week!

Colourful and curvy: Khloe Kardashian Odom shows off her fabulous figure in a multi-coloured dress as she leaves her New York hotel

Yes, I decided to post this, every Saturday or maybe Sunday! To see what our week has brought as a best dressed, it could be you or it could be a celebrity who knows!? Only me! hahaha. Don't forget to check out my store!